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Setting Myself Up For Success


By Nora Wendel

Feminine Magnetism Expert

Cultivate your Femininity, Learn to feel Sexy & Become Magnetic AF.

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I’m spiritual. I meditate. I believe in Abraham Hicks. I structure my life according to how good it feels. I have crystals. I also drink red wine, I have a fully booked coaching business, I live in Bali and I also had anxiety for over ten years.


That’s all me.
One thing I’m really really good at is setting myself up for success. What does that mean? I KNOW what is going to get me in the right feel good state of mind so I can show up as my highest creative passionate feminine self.


I want to share with you how I go about my mornings, not for the idea that YOU SHOULD BE LIKE ME, no more like, maybe this will inspire you to start seeing how you can set yourself up for success daily. I can tell you that being in flow, feeling great, getting inspirational download hits and just feeling that juicy feeling of being alive and so joyful is what I live for and what I help my clients cultivate in their lives.

Here’s how I set myself up for success;

I wake up using my amazon echo dot playing affirmations on a sliding volume scale. This is the single reason I bought the Amazon echo dot, to be able to rewire my beliefs in the waking state (much more effective). I use it similarly when I go to bed, playing affirmations in the background!


I head out for a run, hit my first 5k run this morning, I like to be out of the house around 6:30-6:45am as the sun isn’t as hot yet. I run along the rice fields to feel the expansiveness and see the volcanos and appreciate being outside. I run for around 30min to 40min. I listen to one podcast on my run; currently I am listening to energetic wealth creation podcasts to tune into that feeling as I uplevel my own wealth.


I have my matcha with almond milk when I get home totally drenched and hop naked into my swimming pool to cool off and do some laps. I don’t get my hair wet as I have alot of hair and drying that wouldn’t be part of my successful morning 😂 By this times it’s just before 8am.


I sit in front of my altar, I have an elaborate altar I change often depending on what I want to focus on in my life, currently it’s all about MONEY! I sit and listen to my pre meditation song ONG NAMO by Snatam Kaur. This songs lifts my mood every time I listen to it. I sage, I smudge with Palo Santo. I light two candles, one for anyone suffering, and one for those who have passed in my life – giving light to those who need.


I then sit with myself for a timed 30min give or take a few minutes. I also do at least one pranayama – breathing practice- which changes the pressure in my lungs and leads to ecstatic states and feelings of bliss. During my meditation I also concentrate on the feeling of expansion, of dissolving my boundaries between myself and the universe around me. It’s one of my favourite feelings; of not being me, of being ONE with all. It feels enlivening, it feels connecting, it feels joyful. I feel the energy of aliveness that permeates everything and I draw that energy to my heart.


When the timer goes off ( I use insight timer) I do a few rounds of different NLP practices on myself. I ask myself what do I need to achieve today and how do I want to feel once I achieved it? What behaviours do I need? How do I want to feel? Every. Single. Time. I do NLP on myself I feel such a drastic internal shift. It amazes me daily.


I draw a card from one of my five card decks and feel into the meaning of that card for me today. I ask for guidance most days.


Usually by this time I feel inspired, activated, joyful, grateful, passionate and creatively inclined and if an idea pops into my head I will act on it. Acting when you feel inspired is part of the feminine flow, it’s when the juiciness comes out. Sometimes its a piece of writing, other times it’s a video, maybe it’s answering my instagram messages…whatever I feel, I trust that this is what I am meant to be creating in this moment.


Now here is where sometimes I start ‘work’ (emails, instagram etc…) however my preference is to do my mindset journalling. Asking myself questions that will activate deeper states of being in myself. Ask the right questions get the most insightful answers! I take anywhere between 30min to 1hr to do mindset journalling – I make this a non negotiable in my life as I feel SO MUCH MORE AMAZING after doing this with myself.


I allow myself to flow within these activities above as the whole idea behind is to feel great at the end. Don’t feel like doing one thing? I don’t! And I don’t do this every single day. I do however do it more often than not and when I don’t, I MISS IT, I want to feel great, I want to feel alive, I want to feel inspired.
And, usually it’s post 12pm when I get out of my feel great creation bubble, I used to think I had to start ‘work’ earlier, like 9am or 10am – that’s BS, this is work too, it’s feel great work! 😄 I refuse to feel guilty about myself or what I choose to do. I get to do me. Doing me is effortless, doing me makes me the money, I am my biggest asset.


I am queen of self compassion from being so hard on myself for so many years because of my anxiety. Now I know that the better I feel, the better I feel and this means everything in my life get’s impacted by the vibrations of feeling great.


Bring it on.



P.s. I wrote my book in 5 days by setting myself up for success every single day like this! I decided it was going to be effortless and so it was! If you want to learn more about my tools and how I use NLP, journalling and meditations for getting out of my own way and choosing positivity. Come join my INNER CIRCLE, it’s my exclusive group where I share each chapter of my book (you get first dibs!) and I guide you ON THE SAME PROCESSES that I used to overcome feeling shy, small, anxious and purposeless to now living this magnificent life in B.A.L.I 🌴

Check out my Inner Circle here.

I'm Nora.

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I'm Nora and I teach you how to become magnetic AF. Read more below.



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