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We all love a good freebie right? Here’s some of my most popular free resources from meditations, to journaling prompts to whole hour-long mic drop masterclasses. Take a browse xx


Guided meditations

Feel Radiant & empowered

A guided meditation to get your ‘glow up’ on. Perfect to listen to in the mornings if you’re feeling blah.


Reprogram your subconscious mind to effortlessly attract your dream man + dream relationship.


Download this guided meditation to turn UP your magnetic factor and feel sexy, confident and powerful.


Love, love, love. Why do we make such a mess out of it and have our precious hearts beaten again and again?

Dive into these prompts to uncover what it is you truly desire around being loved.

What being in a healthy relationship would feel like to you and more…

Free Masterclasses

Watch these eye-opening truth-bomb-dropping masterclass videos if you want to understand more about the psychology of dating + relationships. They are roughly 45-60min long and I’m telling you now, get ready to take some notes about your love life!

Learn Male Psychology – what a healthy masculine man looks for in a long-term partner, my feminine magnetism hacks (what qualities attract the right man) AND how your brain processes attraction to stop attracting the wrong type of man.

SECRET ONE: How to OPEN UP and trust men fully even if you are scared of getting hurt again.

SECRET TWO: How to know if he is the RIGHT MAN for you even if you’ve made poor choices in the past.

SECRET THREE: How to banish any insecurities and DATE EMPOWERED even if you’ve been single for years.

SECRET FOUR: How to TRUST YOURSELF and believe that you can attract the right man for you even if you doubt yourself daily.​

Learn how to have lasting fun, play, passion and deep connection even if you don’t feel it now in your relationship.

Theses are the 3 keys that no-one teaches you about how to have long lasting intimacy and a healthy relationship for years to come.

KEY ONE: How to KNOW your Intimacy Inhibitors and Intimacy Accelerators to reignite your spark

KEY TWO: How to openly COMMUNICATE your needs and desires without offending your partner

KEY THREE: How to NAVIGATE desire even when you don’t ‘feel’ it or feel one partner is desiring more than the other

Are you serious about finding + creating love?

Psst. want to go deeper and really attract + create the relationship of your dreams?

Check out some of my online courses for both single women frustrated with the dating scene AND women in rocky relationships who want that deep connection.



Fun facts about me

Cats over dogs anyday.

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and grew up in Nepal and India.

I’m a Reflector in Human Design.

Bring me flowers and I’m happy. #seriously flowers bring me so much JOY.

I love my matcha (don’t drink coffee).

I lived in Bali, Indonesia for 7 freaken years!

You’ll find me at my altar every morning lighting my Palo Santo, journaling and pulling cards to ask for direction for my day.

One of my fav events to host are men + womens circles where we get to discuss how to understand each other better.

I love puzzles!

Total extrovert, if I am not out and meeting people, connecting with friends or at some sort of workshop I get grumpy.

I also am a boudoir, women’s embodiment & couples photographer (yep all things feeling good + love are my jam)

I write semi-erotic poetry and that’s my next book project 🙂

 I met my man at age 35, so don’t go believing you are getting too old, it’s simply not true…

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@norawendel 15k+ women are ready to find their Mr. Right, have a relationship that's filled with fun, turn on, open communication and long term loving...are you?

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