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I teach Women (like you)
the Secret Art of Feminine Magnetism.

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3 Signs You Need More Feminine Energy In Your Life

3 Signs You Need More Feminine Energy In Your Life



Cultivate your Femininity, learn to feel Sexy & Become Magnetic AF.

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Our society, workplace, home and social events thrive on us women needing to be more masculine in our energy. Masculine energy moves things forward, it’s all about action.

I’m all for it, however, what I see today is an imbalance of masculine energy in women. Women then come to me asking me why they can’t find a man (hint: energetically if you are super masculine what room does a man have for his masculine energy?)

Men love a feminine woman (even if it’s just energetically feminine, it doesn’t mean you have to wear lipstick or wear long dresses), feminine means being receptive, embracing, nurturing, loving, creating beauty….

How do you know if you need to cultivate more feminine energy in yourself?

Here are 3 signs you need more feminine energy in your life.


1. You feel edgy, anxious, stressed, fatigued, overwhelmed, and restless

All those emotions above point to one thing; you are overworking yourself to the edge of burnout. That’s very masculine energetically. Women naturally need to step back and instead of PUSHING forward, cultivate their energy internally to become magnetic to what they want to achieve.

Think about our menstrual cycle and how our bodies want us to naturally slow down for a few days each month, it’s known as the ‘winter’ season whilst you are bleeding as the body is letting go of the past 28 days. Modern women stuff a tampon up and just keep going with their work, popping Tylenol or Panadol to numb out the pain. You are in essence numbing out the very fact that you are a woman.

When you feel edgy, anxious, stressed, fatigued, overwhelmed, and restless it’s time to let some of your busy schedules go. Instead, tune into how you can welcome in more of YOU (not what other people want from you – that’s masculine!) What do you truly desire and crave for yourself? And if you don’t know the answer to that, it’s really time to take some time off to reconnect to yourself.

2. You can’t stop controlling (ie. can’t let go).

Hands up who is a control freak here!? I used to be one, because of my history with anxiety I thought if I could control everything (and everyone) I’d be safe (It wasn’t the case!).

If you can’t stop controlling; people, your schedule, your employees, your children, your man (!). It’s a sure sign that you are way too much in your masculine energy.

FYI no one likes to be controlled, you don’t either do you?

The masculine is very much about organisation, structure, logic, and analysing. You as a woman, on the other hand, need to learn to let go. “Why?” you ask.

The feminine is about trusting (the point I’ll get to next), it’s about receiving, it’s about knowing everything will of course work out.

How to let go of control? Try little bits at a time. Maybe stop controlling your kids so much and let them play outside longer or get dirtier. Let your man do what HE wants to do on date instead of always taking control…

Little shifts make big results over time!



3. You don’t trust yourself or others

Probably the biggest one out of the three listed here is that YOU DON’T TRUST.

You don’t trust yourself.

You don’t trust others.

This is why you always need to be in control because you think you know better than others. Trust is a very feminine process for the simple fact that it’s about letting go. Sound scary?

I used to fear letting go because I didn’t trust I would be ok so I was stuck in a repetitive loop cycle. How did I get out of that lack of trust?

I changed my belief system and starting telling myself; I trust myself. Everything is always working out for me.

For when you truly believe the above, you’ll have no issues to trust.



Which of the three above is screaming out your name? I’d love for you to comment below on what you plan on doing to cultivate more of your feminine energy?

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3 Signs You Need More Feminine Energy In Your Life

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