8 Powerhouse Women Instagram Accounts To Be Inspired To Rise To Your Potential

I’m a total Insta babe, more than FB actually. I don’t just scroll and follow ANYONE. I got boundaries though, access to my energy is a privilege which means when I scroll on the ‘gram I want to be uplifted and inspired, not feel shitty and down... read more

28 quotes to stick on your bathroom mirror to feel unstoppable

We all need a little motivation sometimes especially when Mars is in retrograde (hello cray cray!). I’m a big fan of motivational pep talks when I look at myself in the mirror.   Did you know that how you talk to yourself matters? It’s the internal... read more

5 ways to do business the feminine way

What is doing the business the FEMININE WAY like? Maybe you are familiar with the masculine way of doing business. Seeing everyone as a competitor. Pushing against your intuition. Always hustling. I don’t buy into that way. I teach feminine magnetism and how to... read more

6 daily reminders to get yourself motivated and inspired

MID WEEK REMINDERS FOR POWERFUL WOMEN 💥🔥💗 NO ONE HAS THEIR SHIT TOGETHER. So stop comparing yourself to the idea of you thinking they have their shit together. Having your shit together in all areas of life isn’t the goal, it’s the process of... read more