How to Deal with Energy Stagnation

It’s that ‘meh’ feeling or  that niggling anger of frustration scratching at you from the inside or a listlessness where nothing you seem to do makes you happy, angry, sad or even care.Life is just OK.Nothing moves forward or backward or anywhere really. You have what... read more

How To Manifest Your Dream Life Quick

We are HUMAN FEELINGS. We go about life according to how we want to feel. The only reason we BUY anything is to feel good. We want the exotic travel to feel adventurous and luxurious. We want the nomadic job to feel free. We want the dream man to feel loved. The way I... read more

The Feminine Economy

The feminine economy is based on flow not fear.   It’s a mutual energetic exchange of receiving and giving back.   Instead of stress it’s a relaxed understanding that it will happen. Instead of linear growth it’s a spiral of evolutionary assimilated growth drawing on... read more

Give Yourself Full Permission

I realized today that I haven’t been respecting myself.  I’m a big believer in others. I say it to their faces, “I respect you”, “I honor how you show up in this world”. I say it all the time. But today, I saw that I haven’t been saying it to myself. I’ve been on a... read more

Hair Care for long AF hair

I have really long hair.   Like really really long hair.   I look in the mirror sometimes and see the tips of my hair poking out just above my bum and think ‘is my hair really that long?’, then I grab some of it and from behind my arm and measure how long it is.  ... read more

Committed to Freedom

Oxymoron right?   Committed to freedom…   Commitment takes 100% belief, faith and knowing that this is what you want. Freedom seems like the ultimate opposite. Freedom to me means not having to be tied down, of always having options.   *side note* what FREEDOM means... read more