Hair Care for long AF hair

I have really long hair.   Like really really long hair.   I look in the mirror sometimes and see the tips of my hair poking out just above my bum and think ‘is my hair really that long?’, then I grab some of it and from behind my arm and measure how long it is.  ... read more

Committed to Freedom

Oxymoron right?   Committed to freedom…   Commitment takes 100% belief, faith and knowing that this is what you want. Freedom seems like the ultimate opposite. Freedom to me means not having to be tied down, of always having options.   *side note* what FREEDOM means... read more

I believe again

“I need something to anchor she said.”   “What do you believe in?”   “a 100% belief that you hold on tight to.”   Hmm….   I don’t believe in ‘god’   I don’t believe in any religion.   I don’t believe in …..   I couldn’t think of... read more

Lessons from Landmark Forum

I won’t write about WHAT Landmark Forum is or what you go through.  I won’t write about WHO was there. I won’t write about the HOW it’s done.   I will write about how it has transformed me.   It’s not a learning experience, it’s a transformational experience. That’s... read more

A week in Sydney

It was a pilgrimage of my own doing. It was all for me. I had to do it.   Every card I pulled, every person I asked and every sign was telling me this was what I was meant to do.   You see, I have a belief that I am not ‘safe’ when I travel alone. That traveling alone... read more

INDULGE | Red Rice Vegan Pancakes

I’m a huge lover of pancakes. Not crepes, but the big fat American style of pancakes. Maybe it’s because when I was younger it was never on the menu (so I didn’t know what I was missing!). These mornings I eat pancakes around once a week, there is... read more




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