No I don’t ONLY wear lingerie, I wear normal clothes too, but I just LOVE to feel sexy, confident and free…

Why wouldn’t I want to feel that way?



I’ve had a bit of an eclectic upbringing. I was born in Thailand, grew up in Nepal and India and studied in London and Australia.

I had my own elephant growing up, thanks to my dad having his own wildlife resort and being in love with Eastern philosophies (hence living in Nepal + India). My parents split when I was under 4 so I know the feeling of seperation and longing. I also know that this meant I had the most amazing childhood.

belonging, home and being accepted

were the themes of my life.

It really does make sense that now I teach the same things to Women around the world.

It wasn’t until this year that I found HOME. Home was with people, in the connections between people.

People. People are totally my thing.

I truly believe that we all have the desire to be seen, heard and appreciated and all that we do in our lives is a manifestation of these core desires. The jobs we choose, who our friends are, the cities we live in…how we show up in this world.

Today I live in Bali, by choice. I have found a community here that loves to play with my edges, that challenges me to face up to my shadows. The shadows that play out in my mind of not being good enough, of fear, fear of showing up as ME.

Sometimes I feel like an utter mess, I am highly creative and the possibilities are endless. I want EVERYTHING. TO DO EVERYTHING. Finding out what brings me joy and how I can life a life fulfilled (aka purpose) is my big question.

Between my mentoring, my events and my photography I allow women to FEEL like themselves, to find what brings them JOY and to celebrate together. Everything is accepted. All is welcome.

It feels like coming home.






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I fear getting my anxiety back.

I fear the fear. The fear of feeling that “I’m not OK” “I am going crazy” thoughts. The panic, the uncomfortable beingness of me.

The mistrust and distrust of me.

The fear stops me from being, and THIS work I am doing is a slow unravelling of that fear. Because for me, fear and joy can’t coexist.

I choose joy.

Every time.

I change what I want to do ALL the time.

That doesn’t mean I am not committed. It means I am committed to ME.

To finding me and celebrating the whole MEness along the way.

It’s a messy hair, 100’s of ideas running through my head affair and I love it.


My work in intimacy and sensuality is my current map to my freedom and toolbox of sweets that is just to delicious not to share with my friends, that includes you.

Sensuality used to scare the sh*t out of me

I’m still kinda scared of what my parents will think…”your NOT into Tantra now are you?” (My dad would say rolling his eyes)…I prefer to call it an awakening of the aliveness of my body. It’s so edgy for me still that I have no choice but to dive right in and slather my body with rose scented coconut oil and just dance it out… When I take a moment to tune into the sights, sounds, smells and feelings around me I feel so freakin alive and vibrant it’s unbridled joy

(like riding motorbike without a helmet on, cheeky but oh so fulfilling) .

You know that feeling too right?


Nora Wendel is an expert in connection, relationships and confidence. she is an NLP practitioner, Landmark graduate, Authentic Relating master and has extensive training in embodied dance therapies. She helps transform women’s relationships from failing to flourishing starting with the relationship they have to themselves.

She coaches women and men 1-1, runs online workshops worldwide and has yearly retreats in Bali helping women in particular feel confident, sexy and free in their lives.


I love sharing my stories and my passion for connection, contact me here and let’s talk on your podcast, magazine or blog!


over 10,000 women

who are committed to their self transformation


but are scared AF as to what people will think of you if you suddenly start blurting out your truths.

I got something for you.

Download my video where I give you the exact tool you can use to start

opening up, stop giving AF what people think about you

and start living a life of intimate connections.

I’ll tell you what, it’s all about a matter of perspective.

Listen to how I turned my fear into flow.


Teaching you how to have epic relationships

Living + Loving in Bali 💋
Want my help? Contact me here.


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