About me

and my story…

My upbringing was…unique


I was born in Thailand, grew up in Nepal and India and studied in London and Australia.

I had my own elephant growing up, thanks to my dad having his own wildlife resort and being in love with Eastern philosophies (hence living in Nepal + India). My parents split when I was under 4 so I know the feeling of seperation and longing. I also know that this meant I had the most amazing childhood traveling between different Asian countries spending one year with one parent then switching to the other parent.

Belonging, feeling comfortable in my own skin and being accepted were the themes of my life growing up.

At 24 whilst at Uni in London I had a panic attack. For the next ten years I had to relearn how to trust myself and feel confident in the world again.

I suffered from chronic anxiety that kept me hiding my joy, I was scared of attention, I hated myself for feeling shy and anxious, I had co-dependant relationship after co-dependant relationship following men around the world in hopes of being ‘saved’.


I figured out my anxiety was coming from me not feeling safe.


I dove into NLP, Feminine embodiment practices, Tantra, Dance Therapy, Nervous system regulation, psychology of belonging, Inner Child healing, Relationship dynamics and Authentic Relating to help me feel safe, alive, free and joyful again.


At age 35, living in Bali, I met my man Ian. And from the second date he said to me “I want to be in a comitted relationship with you”. I was shocked, no man had ever said that to me (my wound was feeling abandoned). This is when I knew I had completed my healing. We are still together today.


I empower women to hold their inner child(ren), heal their tender hearts from past love wounds, become confident in who they are, let go of shame and negative thought-spirals, how to get clarity on what they desire in a man + relationship as well as helping couples stop resentments and conflict so they can find the love they had when they first met.


Some of my secrets..

I fear getting my anxiety back.

I fear the fear. The fear of feeling that “I’m not OK” “I am going crazy” thoughts. The panic, the uncomfortable beingness of me.

The mistrust and distrust of me.

The fear stops me from being, and THIS work I am doing is a slow unravelling of that fear. Because for me, fear, joy and pleasure can’t coexist.

I choose joy and pleasure. I do my practices to centre, ground, lovingly hold myself and return to my essence of radiating joy.

Every time.

I change what I want to do ALL the time.

Creativity is my superpower. I paint abstract art, I am a photographer (boudoir & couples are my fav!). I do pottery and host events like women’s circles and authentic relating.

That doesn’t mean I am not committed. It means I am committed to expressing ME.

To finding me and celebrating the whole MEness along the way.

It’s a messy hair, 100’s of ideas running through my head affair and I love it.

My coaching is my toolbox of sweets that is just to delicious not to share with my friends, that includes you.


Nora Wendel is an expert in Feminine Magnetism, Empowered Dating and Relationship Dynamics. She is an NLP practitioner, EFT tapping teacher, Landmark graduate, Authentic Relating Level 3 trained and has extensive training in Trauma informed tools, Nervous system regulation and embodied dance therapies. She helps women welcome in their femininity, heal their love wounds and transform their relationships.

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I love sharing my stories and my passion for connection.

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