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Talking all things intimacy, aliveness and WHY I love to shoot intimate and naked women. Here’s a clue – it’s to do with Self WORTH.

I love chatting about my work with people and talking to Anna Rova from GirlSkill was no different.

A sneak peek:

“When was the last time that you focused on genuinely feeling something? On living in the moment and being present in your body and your life? This week’s guest is a photographer, but she captures so much more than pictures with her camera. Nora Wendel is showing women how to embrace the depths of their feminine power by helping them connect to their sensuality and vulnerability.”

Check out the full podcast here.

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I teach woman how to be confident, sexy and free. 

This is my journey, this is my sharing.

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sensuality + life inspiration + struggles + intimacy + photography + and a whole lot of NORA



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On being tied up [My SHIBARI EXPERIENCE]

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