It’s that ‘meh’ feeling


that niggling anger of frustration scratching at you from the inside


a listlessness where nothing you seem to do makes you happy, angry, sad or even care.Life is just OK.Nothing moves forward or backward or anywhere really.

You have what I call energy stagnation.

It can come as any or all the below

an idea stagnation 

creativity stagnation

body stagnation

digestion stagnation

motivation stagnation

Like water bodies (think of a river) we are meant to flow. Our digestion flows from what we eat to what we release, our menstruation cycle flows, our ideas flow from thought through creation, our cells flow through regeneration, we flow from birth to death.

Stagnation isn’t congruent to being ALIVE.So yep.

If you are feeling stuck energetically in ANY area of your life, here’s what I suggest;


1. Release the emotion

I like to pillow bash out any stuck emotions, I literally stand by my bed with a pile of pillows and for a timed 10 minutes (it feels like AGEEES by the way) I freaked punch and scream and bash those pillows, I let it rip, I let it all out, I let those pillows know that I am ready to release. This is great for anger, deep sadness, frustration and grief.


2. Move your body

In any way, just allow yourself the freedom of movement. I like to dance in the morning to my favourite songs, I go to yoga class when I feel too lazy to do it myself at home, I join a 5 rhymths class, I go to the gym (or ask my friends to drag me there). Just do it. And do it for a week straight, that’ll help shift the energy. We sit so much these days, at the breakfast table, in the car, at the desk, back in the car, back at the dinner table, back in bed. Literally we hardly move our bodies in new an exciting ways. That’s why I love exploring new forms of movement, I feel the stagnant energy in new body parts getting a breath of air (so to say) when I dance weirdly and breathe into that area. Plus you know that exercise releases endorphins and will make you feel happier.And yes you need to get up off your ass to do it.


3. Shake

I find shaking the easiest way to move stagnant energy. There is a whole shaking movement.
You can shake anywhere and at any time. It can be big or it can be small.
For example;
You can shake non stop for 3 min in the morning (just put on a song and shake every.single.body.part).
You can shake your hands to release tension
You can shake your head to release stagnant thoughts (carefully here you don’t want to give yourself a concussion!).
You can shake your root chakra or womb by standing up and having soft knees and just bouncing up and down slowly.
I generally go for the full body shake when I need to move my energy.Works so good when I feel frustrated especially.
Open your mouth and let whatever sounds come out naturally. It’s such a great release!


4. Sigh loudly repeatedly

Often we don’t feel heard in our lives, we keep thoughts to ourselves and we don’t say what we really mean. This leads to stagnant energy in our throat chakra so I love to sigh loudly whenever I feel not heard. Inhale deeply and open your mouth and just let whatever sound come out that wants to. Do this repeatedly, at least 10 times, getting louder with each sigh (maybe your body will want to move too, let it!).  Sighing is connected to your nervous system and it actually allows our parasympathetic nervous system to relax even deeper. The parasympathetic nervous system is our inbuilt protection mechanism known as the fight or flight syndrome, always ready to make sure we stay alive. Sighing taps into allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to relax. Inhale deeply, open mouth and let it out..


5. Share the joy

I love to share my joy and happiness when I feel it bubbling up inside. Instead of keeping it to myself, I go to strangers, friends or anyone around me and hug them, smile at them, tell them I appreciate them, compliment them. Sharing happiness breeds more happiness. Spread the joy, it’ll make your feel even more joyful!




From ‘meh’ to ‘yay’, let’s unblock the flow, start the vibrating and start feeling all the feels again.

Get that body moving, those sighs happening, the shakes shaking.

Tell me which one you did that made you feel the most alive?


Because after all, life is alive, you are alive.

Now go and feel it too.



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