Emotionally Unavailable Men

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It’s like the itch that never stops.
You keep wanting more and more and yet you don’t get ANYTHING you want back.
Let’s chat ✨emotional unavailability ✨
It’s surprisingly common in both men and women, but let’s stick to emotional unavailability in men for now.
Know it’s not your fault.
Often you’ll feel rejected, unloved and frustrated AF if this is the relationship you are in.
Let me DO more.
Let me BE more.
Why doesn’t he open up more?
Why can’t we get intimate?
Why doesn’t he share his feelings?
It’s not you.
Emotionally unavailable men may have had childhood trauma that lingers in them feeling unsafe to open up.
Emotionally unavailable men may have other priorities rather than the relationship (work, projects, health…)
Emotionally unavailable men may have been hurt before so don’t want to take the risk to fall in love.
Here are some signs of emotional unavailable men;
+ avoidance of sharing feelings (nope nope nope)
+ sex dominating the relationship (seems like sex is a better idea than sharing feelings!)
+ blaming others (not taking personal responsibility is avoidance)
+ unavailable for intimacy (avoiding talking, 
+ control issues (they need the relationship to revolve around them and their needs)
+ selfishness (more about them than about YOU or US)
No matter if you try and change them, it’s not going to work.
FEAR dominates emotional unavailability.
Fear of deeper intimacy.
Perhaps triggered by past trauma.
Perhaps triggered by lack of self worth.
It’s your turn now to tune in to what you WANT in your relationship.
On the other hand emotionally available men;
+ are willing to talk about their feelings 
+ are willing to talk about their feelings IN RELATION to you
+ are able to compromise so it’s about YOU + THEM (not only them)
+ are fully present
+ are willing to commit deeply
+ know that it’s not just about sex
I have to point out here that some times emotionally unavailable women attract emotionally unavailable men.
ALSO sometimes women have a tendency to want to HEAL emotionally unavailable men.
I’m not saying it’s right or wrong.
I’m just sharing the signs with you.
It’s always your choice.
What’s your current relationship like?
Emotionally available or unavailable?
Are they showing up with hearts open?

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