Radical Relationship Responsibility

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I often see half hearted relationships, relationships where fear of commitment, fear of deeper intimacy and fear of pain rules over the beauty of the possibility of love.
Radical Relationship Responsibility is a phrase I coined to teach people HOW to show up with a full heart.
These four key ways of showing up I outline below are the foundations creating a relationship which will be like NO OTHER relationship you have ever had, hence the term ‘radical’.
What is radical relationship responsibility?

Having the difficult conversations

Those conversations which you have been avoiding out of fear of the outcome 
(stop projecting your fear and allow for the possibility of something else, anything else to appear!)


Owning up to your experience of situations

Take responsibility for your feelings and how situations make you feel.
(stop keeping quiet about the hurts, pains and boundary crossings – stay in YOUR integrity)


Sharing impact of how others are showing up for you

It’s not about blaming but reflecting back how their actions/words/beings make you feel. 
(Stop assuming they know how you feel, they don’t, share the truth)


Be a non-reactive listener by giving space between your responses

Allow space between what you hear and how you respond. Breathe – don’t REACT but respond.
(Give yourself the luxury of making a decision based on your truth not your impulse, that’s true self love right there!)
Radical relationship responsibility is about knowing we impact others at any given moment, it’s about choosing HOW you want to show up and then being able to communicate ALL that’s going on for you.
It’s about asking yourself “What do I really want from this?”
And then going for it.
Asking for it.
Receiving it.
Or then making the decision that this isn’t working for you and having the courage to leave.
You got this.
How have you been showing up in your relationships recently?

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