What Men Look For In A High Value Woman

Men want to earn your devotion.  ⁠ You’ve just met a man, he excites you, makes you smile, he messages you after the date, you’ve got great conversation and you’re thinking ‘YES, finally!’⁠ ⁠ You feel ready to open up your heart to him, even though you feel a little weary, you choose to open up.⁠...

How To Stop The Online Dating Trap

How To Stop The Online Dating Trap ❌ (and yes we have all been there!)⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Get online⁠⁠ Upload profile + pics⁠⁠ Swipe/Like/Heart⁠⁠ Message/Chat⁠⁠ Filter⁠⁠ Go on Dates⁠⁠ Get fed up⁠⁠ Decide to be single⁠⁠ Feel lonely⁠⁠ Get online⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Who's been there...

5 Steps To Get Over Your Insecurities

    Insecurity is UNS€XY. [There I said it. And this is a rant!]⁠ ⁠ Looking in the mirror; a bit of Botox on the brow, tuck under the chin, folds by your belly, veins on your legs. Hands scour your body seeing it’s flaws.⁠ ⁠ Cover up, hide, feel shameful.⁠ Saying no to going out.⁠ Saying...

How to be a QUEEN to attract your KING

  There’s a clarity, lightness, joyfulness that you feel once you get to know yourself on deeper levels.⁠ ⁠ Triggers still happen yet it activates you instead of keeping you stuck in a cyclical loop.⁠ ⁠ Anger still bubbles occasionally yet you know what lies beneath that is a need that is not...

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What can cause trauma in your relationship.

What can cause trauma in your relationship.

You are going about your day, coffee in hand, when you suddenly have a flashback. Your heart beats faster and your mood suddenly spirals.⁠ You start to pick up your pace as your body signals to you it’s not okay. It’s been months, maybe even years and you still have...

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How To Avoid The Toxic Tinder Trap

How To Avoid The Toxic Tinder Trap

Why you keep desperately swiping on Tinder even though you know it’s toxic for you.⁠ ⁠ It’s evening and you find yourself back on Tinder, aimlessly swiping right on guys you don’t even find that attractive. It feels good yet guilty at the same time. The rhythmic...

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The #1 Reason Your Relationship Failed

The #1 Reason Your Relationship Failed

I’m so OVER hearing this...⁠ Listen up, and yes this is a rant ‘cause some things just got to be said!⁠⁠ In every single relationship it’s YOUR responsibility to LOOK AT WHAT’S GOING ON FOR YOU.⁠⁠ Relationships are never one sided.⁠ It takes two to form a...

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Hey there!

I’m Nora and teach frustrated women who are over 30 how to clear their emotional baggage, limiting beliefs and past love wounds that are stopping them from attracting and creating their ‘relationship-of-my-dreams’.

Whether you are single and BORED AF with dating all these non-committal men and just want to meet your man…

Or you are in a relationship that’s like a disney rollercoaster with fighting, ‘shit-I-shouldn’t-have-said-that’ and days where you start to question if he really is the one for you…

I can help you create + attract your Pinterest #relationshipgoals

Apply for my no cost ‘Relationship-of-my-dreams’ discovery call here.


Check out some of my free workshops and guided meditations below to help you get clarity on what you want in a relationship and how to solve relationship issues.



Learn what role YOU have in attracting those ‘situationship-loving’ men. Understand that your past has a HUGE impact on your beliefs around love + relationships and learn my inner work tools to clear up unresolved unconscious wounds that are stopping the yum-yum healthy conscious and masculine man being YOUR next ‘Can I see you again’ date.



Learn the ‘oh-so-easy-why-has-no-one-told-me-this-before’ tools to create that magnetic attraction again between you + your partner. Understand how men and women think differently in their needs and wants in a relationship and FINALLY get insight into why you are doubting your relationship and how to banish the doubt. P.s. This is a great masterclass to watch with your man as well!


You can't attract + create the relationship you desire without *feeling* first what it is you want.

Download my love hypnosis meditation for free to tap into those emotions as you visualize your purrfect man and dream relationship.


This is my ultimate ‘feel good’ playlist on spotify that you can melt into. Perfect for candle lit dates, bedroom vibes and those days when you just want to dance infront of your mirror.

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Sort out your past love wounds, create the stable foundation for a healthy relationship and learn how to stay in a relationship that feels supportive, loving, epic and deeply committed.

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The foundation course in creating a healthy relationship.

If you want to learn the 4 foundations of what a healthy relationship is all about, this is a course for you. 4 weeks of 20min teaching modules and a workbook to download.

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An 8 week course for couples that will change your relationship to happy, healthy, fun and growing.

A program taught by my partner, Ian Collins & I together, where you will learn how to deepen your emotional and physical intimacy using our 8 step ‘Deeper In Love’ Blueprint.

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Are you sick of being single and attracting men that end up ghosting, wanting a ‘situationship’ and are simply so freaken frustrated with the barren landscape of emotionally availble masculine men?

This is the most in depth, eye-opening course for you. It’ll help you change your attitude to dating and ONLY attract the kind of men that YOU desire into your life.

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A little about my own story…

I found myself with a one way ticket from Cape Town to Bali after my 3.5 yr relationship ended. I was living in Cape Town with my then man and boy did we have some issues! We were both playing the ‘withhold game’ and it’s no surprise that our relationship turned into one of resentments, frustration and wanting to get the hell away from each other.

On the plane, crying, sad and lonely I thought to myself… “surely, there’s a proper, easy and healthy way to have a loving relationship?” And there is.

I spent the next 5 years single in Bali dating the typical non-commital men just wanting a ‘good time’ all the while learning about feminine energy, healing my shame, how polarity in relationships creates turn on, that the key to any healthy relationship is conscious communication and most importantly WHAT ROLE I HAD TO PLAY in creating shitty relationships for myself.

Well, I found the answers and my man (see the pic!) with whom I’m in an epic, connected, intimate, fun, playful and committed relationship with.


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I love sharing my stories (I grew up in Nepal and India!) and my passion for personal development (former chronic anxiety sufferer here for 9+ years) and inspiring women to not settle for a man that absolutely everything she deisres.

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