The Feminine Economy

The feminine economy is based on flow not fear.   It’s a mutual energetic exchange of receiving and giving back.   Instead of stress it’s a relaxed understanding that it will happen. Instead of linear growth it’s a spiral of evolutionary assimilated growth drawing on... read more

Emotionally Unavailable Men

It’s like the itch that never stops.   You keep wanting more and more and yet you don’t get ANYTHING you want back.   Let’s chat ✨emotional unavailability ✨   It’s surprisingly common in both men and women, but let’s stick to emotional... read more

As if LOVE was a bad thing

I’ve been diving deep into the idea, embodiment and feeling of LOVE this week.   It’s been all encompassing, eye opening, deeply triggering and just what I love (literally).   You see I am fascinated by how we STOP ourselves from loving fully because we FEAR the pain... read more

I stood naked – Normalizing Nudity

I stood naked in front of a man this weekend,  I stood naked in my entirety.   I needed him to see me in my fullness, my wholeness, without my shame.   We were by a river, the water was roaring around us as the wetness, moistness of being down down down in the valley... read more

Give Yourself Full Permission

I realized today that I haven’t been respecting myself.  I’m a big believer in others. I say it to their faces, “I respect you”, “I honor how you show up in this world”. I say it all the time. But today, I saw that I haven’t been saying it to myself. I’ve been on a... read more

I’m Judging You. How To Stop Judging And Start Loving.

“I’m judging you” I said it straight to his face. I was at the Christmas party, a group of 25 of us. He had walked in and we had casually chatted. Superficial words about life. I didn’t walk up to him until right before I was about to leave. I knew I wanted to clear... read more