Can you love two men?

“She is wild, (slutty perhaps?)” “Who does she think she is” “How did she do THAT? Maybe I want that too..?” “That’s not moral”   Surely love isn’t meant to be shared? Why not I ask?   Surely this means you are unfaithful? To whom I ask? If both men know about the... read more

Radical Relationship Responsibility

I often see half hearted relationships, relationships where fear of commitment, fear of deeper intimacy and fear of pain rules over the beauty of the possibility of love.   Radical Relationship Responsibility is a phrase I coined to teach people HOW to show up with a... read more

Emotionally Unavailable Men

It’s like the itch that never stops.   You keep wanting more and more and yet you don’t get ANYTHING you want back.   Let’s chat ✨emotional unavailability ✨   It’s surprisingly common in both men and women, but let’s stick to emotional... read more

On being tied up [My SHIBARI EXPERIENCE]

“I don’t want it to turn sexual”   He nodded.   “Any other boundaries?”   I paused. I felt.   “No.”   “What is your fear?” He moved onto the next question.   “Feeling my anxiety well up again, realizing that it isn’t gone like I thought it was; Panic?” I... read more

I stood naked – Normalizing Nudity

I stood naked in front of a man this weekend,  I stood naked in my entirety.   I needed him to see me in my fullness, my wholeness, without my shame.   We were by a river, the water was roaring around us as the wetness, moistness of being down down down in the valley... read more

Contact Beyond Contact

The music fades into silence as the people in the room slow into stillness. I hear sighs of deep knowing. I gaze around the room and feel the air heavy with feeling.   “Gather round” I almost whisper.   “Let’s sit in a circle to bring to a close what... read more