We are HUMAN FEELINGS. We go about life according to how we want to feel.

The only reason we BUY anything is to feel good.

We want the exotic travel to feel adventurous and luxurious.
We want the nomadic job to feel free.
We want the dream man to feel loved.

The way I manifest QUICK in my life is to really answer these three questions below;

  1. How am I feeling now?
  2. How do I want to be feeling?
  3. What can I do to feel all the feelings in number 2?

Those three questions will show you how to start living your life according to how you want to feel.

➡️ Feel tight with money and shitty about bills?

Well then I presume you want to feel that money comes easily, that there is ease in your life and that you are flush with money to pay all bills and still have something left over.

How can you feel that way now? Where can you find relief from the tightness of money feeling? (I can’t answer that question btw, it’s about YOU and how YOU FEEL)


Many of us skip over question 1. How I feel RIGHT NOW. When we are in struggle mode (feeling shitty, feeling down, feeling pressured…) it gives us the opportunity to know that we don’t want to feel that way, INSTEAD we want to feel xyz.

Does that make sense?

I’m basically telling you to enjoy the struggle as it gives you the opportunity to tune into how you do want to feel. Can you see how it’s actually positive?

Go ahead.

Grab your journal right now and answer those three questions.

Then every day go and do activities that make you feel number 3. That’s how you’ll start to quickly manifest your dream life.

Keep turning to those feelings.

You got this.

Questions? Pop them below.