Erotic Wisdom

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The power of an image to convey a message. This is what I think of in this photo series. Erotic Wisdom, the wisdom of women around the world connected through womanhood, cycles and blood.

When my friend Nadine from Tantric Alchemy had an idea for a shoot involving a long piece of red cloth, I already saw the vision in my mind. We didn’t actually do the shoot till a few weeks later while on trip to the beach with some friends. I had envisioned stark contrasts between the red and the background, originally it was going to be in the forest by a stream, yet when we arrived at the beach location the black volcanic rock formations at one of the beach immediately drew my eye.

“There” I said to Nadine. “It’s the perfect place”

Erotic red
White porcelain skin
Black volcanic rocks

Welcome to the Erotic Wisdom shoot from Nadine.






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