Can you love two men?

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“She is wild, (slutty perhaps?)”
“Who does she think she is”
“How did she do THAT? Maybe I want that too..?”
“That’s not moral”
Surely love isn’t meant to be shared?
Why not I ask?
Surely this means you are unfaithful?
To whom I ask? If both men know about the other then it’s not unfaithful.
Surely it’s hedonistic?
Isn’t love in itself hedonistic?
Before you start the judging; WHO told you you couldn’t have more than one lover? (Parents? Society? Yourself?)
How can you love two men?
Easy, you decide the love is shareable and ever expanding instead of shrinking. You don’t have to decide to CHOOSE one over the other if you don’t want to.
Here’s the lowdown on how you can consciously and with intention manage two lovers;
Be very clear that you are seeing other men to both men
(there is nothing worse than not sharing the truth, playing games and have that icky feeling permeate your time spent with either one)
Be 100% present with each man when you are with them
(The key to intimacy is presence!)
Allow yourself to fall in love with both men
(Don’t cap your love, you are love, you love loving, why stop at one man?)
Allow yourself to FEEL everything, love, pain, sadness, fear, by allowing yourself to feel you can dissolve the emotions and be able to move onto just BEING.
(Fear of rejection is a big one that most people need to work through, what if being with one man made the other man not want you? Oh good old rejection…)
It is possible to love more than one man.
It is possible to fully feel loved.
It is possible to share YOUR love.
Allow yourself to love fully, and just know
All the love was so worth it.
I’d rather feel love, than not feel love.
What about you?

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