As if LOVE was a bad thing

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I’ve been diving deep into the idea, embodiment and feeling of LOVE this week.
It’s been all encompassing, eye opening, deeply triggering and just what I love (literally).
You see I am fascinated by how we STOP ourselves from loving fully because we FEAR the pain when the love ends (I don’t actually believe love ‘ends’ it just changes form).
What is wrong with the way we are viewing/embodying/feeling LOVE that we don’t allow ourselves to fully immerse in the beauty of it?
AND I do get it as well, it’s us protecting ourselves from the deep pain we feel when we have given love and it hasn’t been returned in the way we expected or wanted it.
How we love is defined by how we perceived our parents loved us (or didn’t love us). We either fall into the same type of loving or completely go the opposite (filling in the love we didn’t get). Think about how you love now.
Are you 100% fully IN love with loving?
Love can look and feel different for all of us.
I ask you take a moment to think about how you love.
I never really pondered about it until this week, when I was confronted with an opportunity to be in a relating relationship with a man. (More about why I call it a relating relationship rather than just a relationship in another post…)
I recognized how intimidated by love we are (we as a collective and we as ME)
As if loving fully was a bad thing.
What is it going to take for us to allow love back into our lives?
Love without fear
Love without boundaries
Love without end
Fearing love means we are stopping it in our lives.
Which means we don’t allow for the full possibility of love in our lives. We stop it from blossoming.
I find that incredibly sad, don’t you?
Let love back in, love for love’s sake not for love for heartbreak’s sake.
Want to learn how to love fully? I invite you to come and chat with me about WHAT that may look and feel like in your life. Book in here: www.calendly.com/norawendel/chatwithnora

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