Lessons from Landmark Forum

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I won’t write about WHAT Landmark Forum is or what you go through. 
I won’t write about WHO was there.
I won’t write about the HOW it’s done.
I will write about how it has transformed me.
It’s not a learning experience, it’s a transformational experience. That’s how Landmark Forum puts it.
After 3.5 days of a bootcamp like experience I realized a few things about myself and my life.
I deeply value friends.
Community is a huge part of my life and I am deeply grateful for everyone in Ubud that I know and consider part of my community.
I want to celebrate my friends, learn their love languages and shower them with a love that makes them feel appreciated.
I want more fun, more tears, more cuddles, more dancing, more sweating, more release, more creating, more aliveness.
Family is something I have negated in my life and I no longer want to do that.
I have a large extended family with stepbrothers and a stepfather whom I want more connection, more relating, more deep love.
I want to be the one who calls my family together, the one who sends flowers out of the blue, the one who cares.
Feeling settled and at home is crucial to me feeling stable, centered and powerful.
Home is Bali right now, and I am grateful AF for having such a beautiful, magical land to call home.
I am calling in my 3 bedroom house, the one I will be in all year and create, love, cry and dance in.
Purpose. Oh Purpose.
If I don’t feel purpose then it brings me anxiety!
It’s time to define who, what and how I can serve in this world.
Without purpose I loose myself in myself, I prefer to find myself and radiate.
2018 was definitely a year of Nora. 
Learning to trust people.
Learning to connect authentically.
Learning to feel.
Learning to take a stand.
Learning to be a woman.
2019 for me will be about COURAGE.
Doing the acts that make me grow into a woman who is generous, compassionate, passionate, playful and committed. 
Have you done Landmark Forum? What did you learn about yourself through it?
Would love to hear your experience.
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