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What giving 38 free NLP calls taught me about my tribe, sales and how I show up.

What giving 38 free NLP calls taught me about my tribe, sales and how I show up.



Clear your past love wounds, radiate femininity, attract + create the “relationship-of-my-dreams”

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I held 38 free NLP calls and this is what I learnt; first off, this isn’t sustainable, it was an idea that I had and followed through with by showing up fully, and even now a week later I’m still processing the enormity of what I just did.


38 calls averages around 3 calls a day, I still have my 1-1 VIP clients who each get one call a week too. Let me just say that on some days I had 6 calls in one day.


Let me share with you WHY I did this, and it IS multifaceted.


1. I wanted to give back to my community as I have a TOOL (NLP) that I know can help with feelings of frustration, stickiness, internal struggle and self-hatred, I use NLP on myself every day to move past my blocks. It was a natural given that I could offer this as a service easily during this time.

2. I wanted to listen to what my tribe was going through, what WERE they thinking about themselves, WHAT were their current blocks and struggles? This was also market research; how do you know what to create and what will be received beautifully by your tribe if you don’t know what they are struggling with?

3. I wanted to practice sales. Yep. In order to practice my sales, I had to have people on the call. Do you think sales is sleazy? I still have a tiny tiny tiny inkling in my body that does feel this, AND after 38 free calls, I got over 99% of that belief by the time I was on my 30th call. Yes, it did take that long. I don’t know where I picked up the belief that sales are sleazy, all I know is it isn’t serving me or anyone, I wanted to get rid of that belief and DOING THESE FREE CALLS HELPED ME OVERCOME THIS BELIEF!

4. I wanted to practice my NLP tools and techniques, I’ve been doing NLP on myself for over a year, and I only got certified as an NLP practitioner in India in February. Want to be a master at something? Practice it. 38 calls later, I now can explain what the F NLP is in my own definition and it’s super easy to understand. #nailedit!


How did I advertise these free NLP calls? I named them *free* HIGH VIBE NLP sessions 😀 on my Calendly page as it sounded so fun and exactly the type of energy I wanted to give out on the call.


I talked about it for two weeks nonstop. I wanted to get my tribe of women on a call with me. (I also had two men take up the offer and I thought WHY NOT? I can always learn from them too!).


The details – I had two weeks blocked off for the calls. They were scheduled as 30min block sessions (in reality I took an hour for each call). I had a 30 min buffer before and after each call to give me some down time. I allowed people to book in from 8AM -1PM and 3PM – 8PM for two weeks (yes including weekends too). The calls were held on zoom and I recorded each call so I could go back and listen and make notes if I needed to. Biz tip; always record your calls, I’ve had refund requests from clients who claimed I didn’t show up for the call when I had evidence of a call recording that our session did take place. Just FYI.


I followed a set of questions for each call, the same set of questions – these questions dug deep into the hopes of the person on the call with me, their current struggles and why they wanted what they wanted.


This is where I got fascinated. Why were these women coming to me? (That was the first question). Why did they think I could help them? As I dug in deeper, I felt their internal pain, their struggles with self-worth, self-hatred, frustration with not being able to express themselves freely, fear of judgement, fear of failure…those were the underlying common themes.


Not believing in themselves.
Not feeling good enough.
Not feeling worthy.


Feeling like an imposture.
A fraud.


Not understanding why, they felt so stuck in their lives.
Not feeling fulfilled.
Not living up to their potential.


Women in tears. Sobbing.


How could I not share with them my learnt tools and MY SERVICE of HOW I COULD HELP THEM.


I saw their pain directly.
“Selling is service”, I’ve been saying this mantra to myself over and over the past few weeks. Now I could finally feel WHY it was.


I’ve had my own 10 year internal struggle with self-doubt, lack of confidence, not knowing who I was or what I wanted to provide this world with. I’ve been through all kinds of alternative therapies. Been there, done that. Now I’m on the other side of the anxiety, always still continuing my personal development journey to be able to live into my potential every single day.




What did I learn about how I show up? (mainly online, and for me there is no real separation between me online or me IRL).


These women came to me because of my ENERGY.
Of how I show up online.


Here’s some of what the women said;

“Your vibe is matching mine, there is so much positive energy around you.”
“I love watching your videos because I think to myself, I WOULD LOVE TO BE LIKE THAT.”
“I follow you because you are awesome…I read your captions and follow your stories and you give me the inspiration to open up and to be more free”
“I loved your vibe and you are so creative in your [instagram] stories, and I felt connected to you in that way.”
“I saw you post and this whole week I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.”


Women were following me because of my positivity, inspiration, creativity and just because I show myself as ME.
Having this confirmed to me over 36 (two calls were men remember) different calls, made me think, wow I do show up online as me AND I feel such an internal relief that it’s OK TO BE ME! Seriously, this has given me permission to share even more behind the scenes of my life, even more RAW AND REAL – which by the way inspired me to do a daily Instagram live sharing my life and what I am going through at the moment. I never felt comfortable to do this before (I would do it and it would feel a little edgy, now it’s like pfft EASY. I can just be me!).


What were my results?


I made more money in 10 days than I have ever made before $11K + USD.


I gave a free NLP tool to the women so they could experience what their potential FELT like. This was guided by me and left them with a tool to use in their lives every single day!
I then shared how they could work further with me, (if you don’t share how you can help them, they will never say yes, loves).


I got 4 new 1-1 VIP clients.
I signed on 3 clients to my group coaching program ON FIRE.


I learnt a shit ton of information about the pain points of my tribe.
I have ideas for new free content to write to the next months (IGTV videos, Youtube videos, Blog posts, Instagram posts, Elephant Journal articles!)
I know what my next paid offerings can be based on their pain points and what they desire #priceless
I learnt that sales can be EASY and FUN
I became a sales queen
I mastered sharing about NLP


I also learnt that doing 38 calls in a two week period isn’t sustainable energy wise. On day 15 I freaked the F out, panic, anxiety, overwhelm! What was I doing? “This couldn’t be the only way to make money, only doing sales calls?” Thoughts like that went into my brain and washed around… I took a break, did nothing, in fact most of the two weeks I did nothing else apart from the sales calls. I didn’t work on anything else. I didn’t have the energy to!


How do I feel now post calls?

Knowing my power is in showing up as ME.
Ideas and creativity spilling out of my mind constantly.
Knowing I just majorly unlevelled in my business and life.
Facing fears of “I can’t do that again” followed by “how will I make money then?” (Irrational belief I know, and something I’m working on overcoming right now as I write this)
Excited for what is next.


So much gratitude to all the women (and two men) who signed up for the call with me. I hope I left you feeling positive, excited and expanded.



P.s. If you really really really want a free NLP call with me after reading this whole article, I’ll let you book in one here. It really is a life changing experience to get a taste of your potential.

What giving 38 free NLP calls taught me about my tribe, sales and how I show up.

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