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10 Habits Of Empowered Women

10 Habits Of Empowered Women



Clear your past love wounds, radiate femininity, attract + create the “relationship-of-my-dreams”

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Do you feel frustrated, constantly self doubting your every decision?
Are you feeling like a mouse in hiding when you want to feel like a tiger roaring?
Self empowerment comes from doing the inner work (looking at your beliefs, understanding what you think of yourself and how you talk to yourself)


An empowered woman is a woman who knows her worth, feels confident in herself and her abilities and understands that even if things don’t work out the way she wants she can deal with the outcome. An empowered woman decides to be empowered by choosing her success, her life, her dreams.


Are you longing to stand up and pave your own way in this world with an impact where people are drawn to you and your work?
Read on about the 10 habits that empowered women cultivate in order to become powerful in who they are.



They start their day for themselves and not others

Anything that isn’t solely focussed on YOU in the morning is an energy suck. This includes; social media, phones, books, husbands, children, work etc. Start your day just for you, this could mean closing your eyes again when you first wake up and setting a mental intention of how you want the day to go and how you want to feel. This can look like waking up before anyone else and sitting and journalling for 5-10 minutes with a cup of tea.
Do you first thing and the day will feel so much more aligned, flowing and pleasurable.



They say no when it doesn’t work for them

Saying no seems scary at first, yet the more you can tune into what doesn’t work for you the more you can say a big fat YES to what does work for you. Saying no means you are choosing you over people pleasing. If you are scared to say no, start small, say no to one more helping of food, say no to your pet, say no to the sales man. Start there then work your way up to bigger no’s (aka family member neediness!)



 They work on themselves and their inner world every day

Empowered women understand that in order to get where they want to go, they need to do the inner work. Inner work is belief/mindset work. It’s a deep look at what you think about yourself and the world. Transformation can only begin when you have awareness over yourself. I suggest to start by asking yourself the questions: What do I want? Why do I not have what I want yet?



They journal often

Journalling is the act of writing down your thoughts onto paper. I journal daily because I feel the difference it makes in my life and the way I feel. Imagine how many thoughts run through your head per day (it’s said it’s around 50,000-70,0000). This means it’s mumbo jumbo in that brain of yours. Journalling creates free space in your mind to allow new thoughts to form, it is also a way to access beliefs stored in your subconscious mind that you didn’t even know existed. Even if you just spend 10 minutes a day writing down whatever thoughts come to mind during that time period, I can guarantee you’ll feel a little lighter and freer.



They listen to their intuition

Intuition is the body and mind working together to give you a feeling, sensation or thought about something without analytical reasoning.
I believe we are all highly intuitive and have blocked ourselves off from our own wisdom as we listen more to external orders than internal ones. If you want to cultivate a better connection to your intuition, you can start by asking yourself right now; “what do I need right now?” And see whatever answer comes up (don’t judge or question it!)



They prioritise feeling good about themselves and their life

It’s no use living life feeling miserable and negative. Have you been around such a person? You don’t want to hang out with them much do you? When you start prioritising feeling good about yourself and your life, more good things happen to you. Like attracts like. This means you do have to do the inner work to understand why you are talking negatively about yourself. It always starts from within.



They ask for help

If you look at the end credits of your favourite movie, what do you notice? There are hundreds of people that helped make that movie come onto your screen. Ask for help if you need it in your life. Vulnerability is a sign of strength. You can’t build a multimillion dollar business with only yourself, you’ll burn out, hate your business and end up not enjoying your life. Ask for help.



They connect to their body and their womanhood

Connecting to your body and your womanhood is part of embodying yourself. When you are disconnected from yourself you feel frustrated, dry, edgy, negative. When you are able to connect to your body and your womanhood, things start to flow, you feel more alive, you have more gratitude. You can try connecting to your body by putting on some music and allowing the music to move you whichever way your body is telling you.




They accept themselves

Self acceptance is the key towards personal development. You can’t change certain things about yourself (appearance wise), what you can change are beliefs. Accept where you are now and decide that you can always grow and expand who you want to BE.



They forgive themselves and others and move on in life

The biggest part of life is trying new things out. You can’t get out of your comfort zone if you don’t try to expand it. This means you’ll make mistakes, other people may do things you don’t appreciate or enjoy either. Holding a grudge or regretting something means you can’t let it go and it will be with you for the rest of your life. Forgive yourself and others, it’ll make for a more peaceful life.


Those are 10 habits you can start to cultivate right now to empower yourself to become a magnetic woman who doesn’t let anyone or anything stop the life she wants to create.


Tell me below, which one of those habits are you going to integrate right now into your life.


As always, I am here for you if you have any questions.
Much love
10 Habits Of Empowered Women

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