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I have really long hair.
Like really really long hair.
I look in the mirror sometimes and see the tips of my hair poking out just above my bum and think ‘is my hair really that long?’, then I grab some of it and from behind my arm and measure how long it is.
‘Cause I see myself every day, and that means I don’t see how long my hair actually is.
I got asked about Hair care on Instagram the other day so I wanted to share with you how I care for my hair.
First off, having thick hair is genetics, my mom had long thick wavy hair so I got it from her.
However that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your hair.
Here’s what I do.

1️⃣ I use only natural shampoo and conditioner

Right now I am using DaVroe Hair Wellness (click to view on Amazon, I bought mine in Australia) both shampoo and conditioner.
Sometimes I only use shampoo and not conditioner as I find my hair is easier to comb without conditioner…. 🤷🏽‍♀️ don’t know why!

2️⃣ I don’t brush my hair in between washing it.

Ever since I dyed my hair blonde, my hair has become even harder to brush through (damaged the hair shafts, yes I knew it would happen, and yes I just wanted a change!)
I don’t brush my hair in between washing it because it means I loose my waves and curls.
Before washing my hair, I always brush it so it’s easier to comb afterwards.
I use a detangling spray and leave in conditioner after washing so I can brush it easier!
Yes brushing my hair is an affair, it takes over half an hour, and phew sometimes it annoys the F out of me.

3️⃣ I use a curling serum and a de-frizz serum to define more of my waves.

Right now it’s;
Make Curly Cream
⬆️ Yay! The frizz be gone is on Amazon! I couldn't find the Make Hair curly cream, it must be a Australia local product, sorry!











4️⃣ I don’t blow dry my hair.

I don’t straighten my hair.
I don’t curl my hair.
It’s actually pretty simple. Keep it as natural as possible!
That doesn’t mean I don’t envy those Insta women who have glam locks all the time, I totally do, but I live in Bali. I drive a scooter, I wear a helmet. Hairstyles apart from up or down just don’t work here.
and yes, I do dream of living in a place where I am in a car which means I can actually do my hair up all pretty.
But then the question would be, would I actually do it?!
P.s What do you use to tame your tresses?
*Links above are my affiliate links, I use these products EVERY SINGLE DAY. See my hair in my photos? Yep, that's those products on my hair!

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