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4 Easy And Quick Questions To Ask Yourself Every Morning To Have A Great Day



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Are you the kind of woman who jumps out of bed with her phone notifications pinging constantly and rushing off to start the day without even a breath of fresh air?
Nodding your head?


Maybe you realise that isn’t working for you and you end up having incredibly stressful, disconnected, malfunctioning days (spilling coffee everywhere, missing meetings, angry clients….)
You then come home in a bad mood thinking WTF? You go to bed and repeat the same shitty days again and again.
Let’s change that around now so you can wake up and start to consciously create your day with alignment and the right attitude so you can feel in flow.
Here are 4 easy and quick questions to ask yourself every day in the morning to have a great day.
You can either answer these question in your head or out loud, or then journal these out with pen and paper.
Be truthful when answering, the more you allow your truths to shine the more of a shining day you’ll have!


What do I need to feel happy, fulfilled and loved today?

What can I let go of that doesn’t serve me today?

How can I be kind to myself today?

What is going to make this day even better than yesterday?


What questions do you ask yourself every day to feel amazing? Share below!


Remember;  Every day has the potential to be better than yesterday if you decide it to be.
You got this.
4 Easy And Quick Questions To Ask Yourself Every Morning To Have A Great Day

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