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11 MUST ASK Questions To Create Erotic Tension In The Bedroom



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The biggest part of sex is not the physical act, but the TURN ON that leads to the passion filled gasping for air…

It’s all in the foreplay ladies, now foreplay isn’t just physical foreplay. Foreplay for women starts in the mind, yes, it’s in the conversation where we can use our imaginations to turn us on. Men on the other hand get turned on by physical stimulation aka foreplay.

Why not use these next 11 questions to get yourself turned on by the desires of your man…then let those erotic thoughts turn to erotic physical foreplay

11 MUST ASK Questions to create erotic tension in the bedroom

If I could do anything to you right now to turn you on what would you desire?

 What is your favourite fantasy about us?

 If we were stuck in your favourite place what would we be doing together?

Tell me how you love to be touched.

I’m a pleasure priestess and here to serve you, what is your current desire my king?

It’s your choice for the evening, what do you want me to wear?

Describe to me your definition of wild, passionate, erotic sex.

Let’s go on an erotic vacation, where would we go?

Let’s play never-have-I-ever…

Tell me what is your favourite part of my body and what would you like to do to it?

You are with your best friends, what do you brag about to them about our sexual escapades?


Which question turned you on the most? My favourite question is; I’m a pleasure priestess and here to serve you, what is your current desire my king?

Mmmm YES!

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11 MUST ASK Questions To Create Erotic Tension In The Bedroom

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