I’m Judging You. How To Stop Judging And Start Loving.

“I’m judging you” I said it straight to his face. I was at the Christmas party, a group of 25 of us. He had walked in and we had casually chatted. Superficial words about life. I didn’t walk up to him until right before I was about to leave. I knew I wanted to clear... read more

5 ways to feel more sensual as a woman

I desire to feel soft and strong.   Womanly and courageous.   Feminine and like a tiger.   ___   I used to feel clunky AF, unsure of my own energetic tentacles. Shy with my own presence. Wanting to keep it all hidden away.   Even though it may not have appeared that... read more

The one question that can change your relationships

“I feel held” he said to me.   I nodded with a smile. Yes.    “Yes” I replied.   Inside I was laughing. I knew exactly how he felt. I felt it too with him.   The feeling of safety, of unboundless freedom to be exactly who I wanted to be in any moment.  ... read more

Sensual Self Love Body Oil

It was only at the beginning of this year (Feb 2018) that I connected to myself and my body in a deeply healing way. I started to massage my breasts. It was awkward at first, I was thinking, “what am I doing?” – “I’m not meant to be... read more