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5 Ways To Boost Self Worth Immediately



Cultivate your Femininity, learn to feel Sexy & Become Magnetic AF.

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If you are having a low down kind of WHY MEEEE day and need some boosting up.
Try any one (or all) of these suggestions to boost your self worth immediately.
Self worth is the feeling that you got this, that you can handle life no matter the outcome. It feels really good!
I want you to feel really good about yourself, feeling good feels really good.
Ready to feel really good about yourself? Do one or ALL of these things below;


Journal on 50 things you are proud of in your life so far.


Tapping into the feeling of achievement will boost your self worth as you take a moment to reflect on all the awesome things you have done in your life already.


Talk to your best friend.


Your best friend will never slay at you negatively like you do inside your mind. Find that best friend that talks you up. Feeling shitty about yourself – GO AND TALK TO YOUR BESTIE!


Dress the way that makes you feel good.


This is something I do every day. When I feel like I am the hot shiz I act like it too.
Throw away the granny panties, put on the lingerie, get some form fitting outfits that you know you love.


Play the positive “What if…?” game with yourself.


If you tend towards negative thinking and always think about the worst case outcome, switch that around to start asking yourself What if it does work out, what if I am amazing, what if I do get the job raise, what if I get my first client….
Play that for 5 minutes and you’ll start to feel excited by the possibilities ahead of you.


Go and do your favourite activity.


Maybe that’s buying flowers for yourself, maybe it’s a hot bath, maybe it’s a long walk, maybe it’s phoning your mom.
Do an activity that makes you feel good, and you’ll start to feel better about yourself. So often we like to punish ourselves thinking we can’t have what makes us feel good (surprise! You can always turn to more feel good activities throughout your day)


What do you do to instantly boost your self worth? Let me know in the comments if I haven’t included it here!
5 Ways To Boost Self Worth Immediately

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