It’s been a while…

“It’s been a while” I heard my heart whisper to my body. “I know, I know, I know” I smiled back inwardly, hands sliding down between my breasts. “It’s been a while” I heard my heart whisper to my body. “I know, I... read more

Ruby Moon

In between the leaves she sat, waiting to be adored, ready to be loved. A beautiful shoot with Ruby Moon. This was photographed in her homestay here in Bali early one morning. You never know the little corners lurking around you waiting for the perfect photo. xoxo... read more

Erotic Wisdom

The power of an image to convey a message. This is what I think of in this photo series. Erotic Wisdom, the wisdom of women around the world connected through womanhood, cycles and blood. When my friend Nadine from Tantric Alchemy had an idea for a shoot involving a... read more

Abundance Bath

I am a flower lover. My house has flowers in all corners, I wear flowers in my hair, have flowers in my garden and pick flowers to make mandalas on my altar. It’s no surprise that flower baths feature in my photography work all the time! This shoot was... read more

Anu Karolina

I live in Ubud, Bali. It’s THE wellness mecca for yoga, raw food and alternative therapies. Naturally I get asked to shoot yoga teachers and yoga lovers all the time. Fun fact : I started my photography career as a yoga photographer in India when I was 22! This... read more

Porcelain Skin

A woman’s body is my ultimate playground, The lines and dips, softness and fierceness. Combined with my love of flowers, I could shoot all day, exploring new angles of perspective, find hidden treasures of light. The white on white (skin + roses) reminds me of... read more