It’s about feeling free

Radiance Meditation

Want to feel like you are a powerful woman that just RADIATES love and joy. Want to feel unlimited? Do this meditation (and I suggest you do it daily!).

Magnetic & Erotic Woman Meditation

Learn my #1 practice to feel sexy, unstoppable and empowered in your life.

Want to feel all eyes on you? Want your man to desire you? Feel a need to boost your erotic femininity? Down this meditation now. You won’t regret it one bit.

How to become a

magnetically feminine woman

In this masterclass I outline the process it takes to empower yourself in all areas of your life.

From looking at your childhood experiences, to your belief system to how you show up in the world today. This is a deep dive into YOU and who you want to be.

Why Can’t I Orgasm video.

Probably the most asked question in my FB group. In this video I answer WHY you can’t orgasm (hint there is nothing wrong with you!). 

Watch now.


Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique to clear

any emotional blockages in your body around ideas of being a powerful woman!


If you long to feel alive and connected to your body, want to be guided to allow more pleasure into your life and to really understand how to be a fully embodied sensual woman, watch this 5 day sensual self challenge.

Day 1 : Mindset + Blocks

Dive into who you think you are and uncover your true beliefs about yourself.

Day 2 : Connect to Self

Learn to welcome ALL of you. We perform a little ceremony today, you deserve to be celebrated.

Day 3: Feeling alive

Sensuality is…all about the SENSES. Learn to activate your senses to start to feel how alive you can be in every moment.

Day 4: Pleasure Practice

Create your own ritualistic pleasure practice as you welcome in feeling good, release that shame Woman!

Day 5: Committing to you

It’s time to celebrate YOU. Let the fireworks off, you are amazing, you are powerful, you are stepping into being a fully embodied sensual woman.


If you are feeling disconnected from the power of who you are – a beautiful CREATRESS of life force – this meditation will connect your heart and your womb. The ultimate source of power for us women.

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Self Worth

Feel Free in Life PDF

Inner child Healing Meditation

#WORTHIT 3 day video Training

Tapping into Resistance EFT video

Connect to Higher Self Meditation

Own Your Desires Video + PDF Journaling Q’s

Feminine Embodiment

Radiance Meditation

Tapping into your Feminine Power EFT

Why Can't I Orgasm Video

Connect to Your Womb Meditation

5 Day Sensual Self Video Challenge

How to Become a Magnetic Woman Masterclass 1hr

Magnetic Woman Meditation


Cord Cutting Meditation

Metta: Loving Kindness Meditation

How to have meaningful relationships PDF

Manifest your Man Webinar

3 Keys to Building Emotional and Physical Intimacy Masterclass

The Big Love 5 Day Challenge

7 Ways to Fun, Foreplay & Fulfilment PDF


A 12 week online, live, step by step coaching program designed to clear your past unhealthy relationship patterns, cultivate self love, banish insecurities and teach you HOW to have a healthy and conscious relationship with yourself and a man.

Dive deep into the resistance you feel around having what you want (that body, that intimate relationship, that feeling of freedom to be you).

The only reason you don't have what you want is because you don't think you deserve it. Time to clear that shiz up.

I'm here to help.

Come and check out THE SCHOOL OF FEMININE MAGNETISM my signature program all about becoming the most magnetic woman in the room by looking at your childhood experiences and how they have shaped your limiting beliefs.

xo Nora