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My secret tools to feel worthy, confident and abundant af

I’m Nora.

I teach women to become powerful self believers connected to their femininity and making big impact in this world (and it starts with the voices in your head!)

I am a trained Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, Feminine Embodiment Expert, Emotional Intelligence leader and have personally overcome 10 years of chronic anxiety.

This is my personal self help tool set that I have used on myself over the years. Dive right in, these tools work.

YOU GOT THIS. Even when it feels like you don’t. xx

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Dive into this PDF to uncover the truth about what you think about yourself. Then it’s time to start loving yourself up. This PDF will teach you how.

Learn how to stop those horrible thoughts
Use this handy and easy tool to stop thinking those negative thoughts that aren’t helping you get anywhere. This is the tool I use every day ALL day.
How to easily deal with your struggles
Can you learn how to celebrate and find joy in your struggles? Yes you can! In this video I share HOW I do that. You can do it too!
6 confidence hacks that work
From anxiety to turning heads in the room, these confidence hacks are easy to implement and will make you feel GREAT about yourself.

meditations to feel UNSTOPPABLE

Download these two meditations on your phone and listen to them in the morning before starting your day to set yourself (mentally) up for success! These are perfect for beginner meditators. Just close your eyes, sit up straight and listen.
Feeling safe + Calm meditation
If you have anxiety and fear contracting you right now, listen to this meditation to turn the fear into a beautiful feeling of safety and calmness.
Radiance Meditation
A beautiful mediation that allows you to feel the beauty of your being; radiating, happy, alive and joyful. Listen every morning to feel uplifted.

Want to experience a HUGE SHIFT in how you feel?

Do you suffer from;

  • Negative thoughts like “who am I to do this”

  • Old self sabotaging habits

  • Constant comparison and self judgment

  • Allowing your insecurities to get the best of you?


I’m offering 30 min *free* brain hacking NLP based sessions with me.

I am here in service to help you get over your biggest struggle right now.

  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Feel your innate power
  • Rewire triggering memories
  • Find the self confidence
  • Create the powerful fearless version of you
  • Reprogram your sabotaging behaviours

Choose your biggest desire around who you want to be and let’s CREATE that version of you that is showing up as the leader we need right now.




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