8 week NLP based Confidence accelerator 

+ Motivation booster group coaching program


If you are ready to drop the self doubt, not give a F about what anyone thinks about you, be confident to go after your biggest dream and become unstoppable in your life… 


Right now you feel you aren’t living up to your FULL potential.

You have bad self sabotaging habits that keep you feeling stuck, like wtf?

You are sick of hiding and finally want to step into your calling!


Nora Wendel

one of the leading worldwide experts teaching Feminine Magnetism, self-worth and self-confidence to women for an 8-WEEK CONFIDENCE ACCELERATOR that is going to catapult you towards;

a life filled with motivation, radiance, confidence and the feeling of being empowered AF.


🔥 Is for the Woman who wants to trust herself in each and every situation and make decisions based on presence and love, not fear. 

🔥 Is for the Woman who wants to stand out of the shadows, allow her voice to be heard and attract the souls that empower my journey to a life of abundance.

🔥 Is for the Woman who wants to truly love herself without the need for external validation

🔥 Is for the Woman who wants to feel like ANYTHING she does/put her hands on will be 1000% SUCCESSFUL and FULFILLING and JOYFUL for her, her life, her career and her family. 

🔥 Is for the Woman who wants to go after the clients she WANT to work with and work shorter hours while making a bigger impact!

Are you ready to feel the most empowered confident and ‘F YES!’ version of you?


teaches you practical NLP based tools that you can use every day in your life to get out of your stuck, frustrated, low vibe state.


*NLP stands for Neurolinguistic Programming aka the language of the brain and how the brain talks to itself!

Oct 3rd 2022

We start on Oct 3rd with weekly live group coaching calls where you’ll learn all the techniques for self-empowerment.

What will you learn in ON FIRE🔥?

💥 How to create the ideal empowered version of you SO THAT you can constantly know how to guide yourself toward her to feel powerful, magnetic, confident and unstoppable!⁠

💥 How to remove all conflicting thoughts around who you think you can or cannot be SO THAT you don’t have to feel frustrated and stuck anymore; hello goals!

💥 How to truly believe in yourself and your innate power SO THAT you stop doubting yourself and staying small⁠/hiding.

💥 How to move from ‘stuckness’ to productiveness and motivation in your life SO THAT you take inspired action from a state of pure alignment; hello ease!

💥 How to feel instant confidence and motivation SO THAT you never have to feel self-doubt or ‘meh’ about your life again

💥 How to rewire experiences from the past that are blocking you from moving forward (fights, hurts, shame, guilt….) SO THAT you don’t self sabotage unconsciously over and over again.

You are going to be guided to learn how to totally RESTRUCTURE YOUR BRAIN based on WHO YOU WANT TO BE.⁠

and I know you want feel;



🔥Lit up…


And living your highest potential!

I joined ON FIRE 🔥 as I was really struggling with my growth and being in a stuck state. I had been slowly making progress on my own but I knew that taking the next step with Nora and with a group of committed women would help me level up in new ways!  This program helped me overcome my feelings of unworthiness, Nora’s NLP techniques RADICALLY changed how I go through my daily life and anchor into feelings of success and prosperity, and overall, sparked a new motivation and FIRE in my life! The best thing that happened to me is I am manifesting EVERYTHING I could’ve ever dreamed of since joining Nora’s ON FIRE 🔥 program. ON FIRE 🔥 has pushed me in directions I thought would take me months, maybe even YEARS to get to and it’s only getting better since doing ON FIRE!

-Kendall Topalof

I loved ON FIRE 🔥 because of the support and how I learnt how to change my circumstances as they occur. I joined the program because I really just wanted to overcome my anxiety. The best thing that happened to me because of ON FIRE is that I’m at peace with my current reality and I know that I am divinely supported. Plus I got a raise at work!! I loved Nora’s infectious energy and her uplifting constant support.

-Savannah Danielle

I recommend ON FIRE 🔥 because the techniques are powerful and they really work. The questions you ask yourself help you go deep into who you want to be. The program helped give me more guidance and clarity with certain situations. For example the technique of having conflicting ideas and bringing them together helped me with deciding if I wanted to stay in new Zealand or go back home. I loved the energy each meeting held and the techniques. The techniques were super powerful and worked right away. I loved Nora’s energy and positivity, I always left a call feeling 100x more powerful and happy

-Chantelle Whitehead

the details;

ON FIRE 🔥 is open to enrolment from the 26th of August and the program starts on the 3rd of October with the 1st group coaching call.

This is a high touch program and you get ONE group coaching call a week; Call times to be finalized…

The full program is 8 weeks long, you’ll be surprised at how fast it goes!

It’s extremely personalized with a maximum number of 10 women joining.

Every call is recorded and uploaded for direct access onto dropbox.

We have both a Facebook group AND an instagram chat group to share our experiences and get questions answered by Nora.




$1111 USD

$888 USD on presale

or 2 part payments of $444

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what is included?

– 8 weeks of high touch support

– ONE 1hr/1.5hr Coaching calls a week

– Private Instagram Chat group

– Exclusive FB group

– Nora’s fav. Abraham Hicks videos

– Nora’s Finding Joy Meditation

 – Nora’s Radiance Meditation

This program is worth over 2k.

Transform your life with confidence, self belief and that ‘YES I CAN’ attitude for price of only $888 on presale!


How does NLP work?

NLP stands for Neurolinguistic programming aka the language of the brain. NLP works on reprogramming your thought patterns into how you want them to think, these new thoughts then affect your nervous system which is why you can feel confident, motivated and happy instantly!

Do I need to know NLP before starting this program?

Nope no knowledge of NLP is needed to join this program. I teach you all you need to know so you can use these tools for the rest of your life.

How does the program work?

This is a live group coaching program which means you will be taught via zoom calls once a week. During the calls Nora will first give a mini lesson on the topic of the day and then explain the NLP technique to you, as a group we then perform the NLP technique on yourself under the guidance of Nora.

The techniques are based around visualization, feeling certain states (ie. confidence, happiness) and then squeezing a body part (often your thighs) to create an ‘anchor’. That’s the most complicated of the techniques, so don’t worry about not being able to do them, they are easy!

Are there live calls? What time will they be?

We will have one live group coaching call a week where we will apply all the tools and techniques to create the new YOU. Calls dates and times to be decided once everyone joins so we know the suitable time for everyone!

Will the calls be recorded?
Yes! Nora understands that a lot of her followers come from different parts of the world, so the calls will be recorded, uploaded to dropbox so you can download and save the recordings and shared in a private Facebook group for easy access.
Will it be a large group?

No it will be a very EXCLUSIVE group of women, no more than 10. This is to ensure everyone has enough time to share during the group coaching calls.

Will I get to work with Nora one one?

This group coaching program is very high touch with one coaching call a week, plus access to Nora via the Facebook group and the Instagram chat. To have private 1-1 calls with Nora, you can purchase the VIP upgrade.

I’ve done courses before and not got the results I wanted, why will this be different?
This is different because we do the NLP techniques ON the call itself! Which means the results are instantaneous #score! Nora also then assigns ‘playwork’ for you to do in between the calls, which is normally just practicing the tool you just learnt. This doesn’t take longer than a few minutes.

About Nora

Trained in NLP, transformational leadership, authentic relating and feminine embodiment practices, Nora coaches women of all ages and walks of life to become confident, sexy and wildly free.

Nora suffered from chronic anxiety for over 10 years and NLP was the final practice that allowed Nora to truly feel like herself again; passionate, free and living her dream life in Bali. This is why she is such a big fan of NLP!

She currently lives in Bali where she runs her coaching empire, teaches weekly workshops and writes for online publications such as MindValley, Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society and Sivana East.

Give less f*cks about what others think or say about you, be able to speak up and show up, to feel ENOUGH in every situation and to stop your BS limiting beliefs.

Hear it from them…

Join ON FIRE 🔥 to stop the self-sabotage, internal conflict and not let anything get in the way of what you desire.

If you want to feel fierce, powerful, trusting, supported and a force to be reckoned with.

Now is the time.

No more staying small.
No more hiding.
No more believing that you aren’t worthy.
No more thinking that you can’t live an EXTRA ORDINARY life.

$1111 USD

$888 USD on presale

or 2 part payments of $444

click below to choose your payment option




8 week NLP based Confidence accelerator + Motivation booster group coaching program