• You have website shame and don’t even tell peeps about your website.
  • You didn’t have a clue what to put on your homepage so you just threw something together.
  • You know you need to update your homepage but don’t know where to start.
  • Homepage? What does that really mean? < You ask yourself all the time!

One lovely person who joins live will receive a FREE homepage analysis from me worth USD 250!

(remember this is only a live workshop and won’t be recorded!)

  • What you need to stop doing that is making your homepage turn away your audience.
  • See examples of great home pages + understand why they work so well.
  • The #1 question I ask my clients when I design their homepage for them.
  • The design tricks I use when creating a homepage.
  • Ask me questions about your homepage live on the call!

This is a FREE LIVE WORKSHOP where I share my own tips and tricks that I use when I design a homepage.

  • To look at your own homepage with an analytical eye
  • To understand the most important elements you need on your homepage
  • To design your own homepage or tell your designer what you want!
  • That your audience will KNOW what to do on your homepage (aka. your Call To Action)






Some call me a visual designer, but I think that’s too boring!

because I play with color, texture and design.

So now you know me, why not come play with me online?