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The Devotion Party Australia Tour

The Devotion Party is part workshop, part party with games and exercises teaching you how to have more joy, love, and intimacy in your life in a light and playful atmosphere.
Created in Bali, The Devotion Party has trained and supported over 100 single men and women in opening up so that they can experience a deeper connection with themselves and the opposite sex, not only during the event but in their lives as well.

Celebrate and honor each other

The evening is designed both as a celebration and as an honoring of the opposite sex, in a guided and safe environment where you will cultivate understanding, awareness, and empathy in yourself and for the other.
You will get a chance share and even fulfill on your desires in safe but exciting framework that empowers you to feel free and at home expressing what you want.

Benefits of Joining

  • Learn how to create passion, freedom, play, and fun between you and others at any time.
  • Experience feeling the safety of going to your edge so that you can be more free, authentic, and truly you.
  • Create deeper trust, confidence, and intimacy with others
  • Learn and practice new intimacy and connection communication tools and skills
  • Enjoy being free and at home in the sensual realm of life at the party and beyond.
  • Master asking for what you want and loving what you get.
  • Learn how to become magnetic to the opposite sex and move towards who you want.
  • Oh and fun, heart opening, soul expanding, deep connecting play play play…

"Nora and Colleen are such a warm, loving and inviting facilitator of events, which creates connection, intimacy, and meaning. The relating practices are fun and interactive, leaving everyone feeling loved up and really good. There are so many practical ways I can take these simple practices into all my relationships. Highly recommended!"




Nov 17 2018
5PM – 1130PM


Dec 1 2018
5PM – 1130PM


Dec 8 2018
5PM – 1130PM


Jan 12 2019
5PM – 1130PM



"You do not want to miss these events if they are in your area. I have gone to a few of their events and yes, they deliver. Not only did I feel really, really fulfilled, seen and heard; but some of the games we played influenced difficult decisions that I was trying to make. And, at every event I went to I left with a few new friends! At these events, you really get to know people, drop your normal facade and get to just be yourself and it feels GOOD!"



Colleen Schell

Colleen is committed to up-leveling the collective consciousness of love, joy, and intimacy on this planet. She is personally taking this on by writing books, hosting intimacy and sensuality events, mentoring clients on love and intimacy, and speaking around the world to create the space for people to experience themselves as connected, joyous and boldly alive.
Pulling from her years in leadership development, emotional intelligence training, and transformational education, Colleen is able to produce results for her readers, event attendees, and clients by pivoting what she taught to hundreds of business leaders to people who are interested in expressing and feeling more love.
Colleen has hosted talks and events around the world, supported her global clients to understand and get what they want out of romantic relationships, and is writing a book called “The Art of the Torrid Love Affair” in order to impact more people with her message, stories, and teachings.

Nora Wendel

Sensuality, vulnerability and how to live a life of deep connection are the themes of Nora’s life. From living a global gypsy lifestyle since birth, travel, people and belonging are intertwined with Nora’s passion for creative expression. She is a mentor, intimate photographer and facilitator for women and men to help transform their lives into one of joy, connection and purpose.
Trained in Authentic Relating, space holding is a key part of how Nora is able to share and inspire those around her to show up fully, accept themselves and drop their stories. She is currently developing her experiential playbook “From fear to joy” as a toolbox of guidelines helping those who feel stuck in their lives to start living a life of play, connection, and belonging.


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