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The Recruiter


Meet Amy – the fabulous female entrepreneur busy working away building her online empire! This pack contains 20 high resolution photographs of Amy captured working at a co-working space.

Product Description

{click on the image to open the photos to full screen}

gold-side-triangles300 dpi {that’s image resolution}

over 2000px in width or height {that’s large by the way!}

use for both for personal or commercial projects

use anywhere in the world

you can edit, crop, manipulate as much as you want

Here are some of my FAQ {frequently asked questions}.

Got another question not yet answered? Send me an email via the contact page.

How do I purchase the bundles?
  1. To purchase this bundle of 10 high resolution photographs - simply click the add to cart button and then proceed to checkout (you can also click on the small shopping cart icon to go to checkout)
  2. Payment happens via Paypal, using either your Paypal credits or enter your credit card details.
  3. Once payment has been completed you will receive an invoice email with the download links.
  4. The photographs are stored online on Dropbox. You can either save the folder to your Dropbox account or download to your computer.


Once payment has been completed, we are unfortunately not able to refund you since this is a digital product. Please make sure you are sure about your purchase decisions!

How do I download the bundle after purchase?

Each of the photographic bundles of 10 images are stored online via Dropbox.

Once purchase has been completed you will be sent an email with the download link.

You are either able to save the Dropbox folder containing the images to your Dropbox account or download to your computer.

If you have any problems you can contact me on info (at)

What is this watermark over the photographs?

Each of my photographs have been watermarked with 'Real life Photography - by Nora Wendel' to prevent theft of my images.

This watermark is NOT on the final images you download.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy?

Before purchasing please make sure you are happy with your purchase decision.

Each photograph in the bundle has been displayed clearly for you to see.

Once payment has been completed, I am unfortunately not able to refund any money as this is a digital product and I am not able to control who is downloading or not downloading once payment has been completed.

If you have any issues please contact me on info (at)

Having amazing high quality and unique photographs to promote your biz is just like having too many shoes, or saying you don’t like chocolate. You can never have enough photos to use in your biz!

So go on, check out a few of my other curated photo packs. I bet you’ll find that image your looking for!

Sometimes you just need that set of images just for your biz. You don't want to go searching through thousands of stock photo sites {and anyway they all look the same right?}.

Hire me to photograph some unique and beautiful images for your biz. You get a total of 12 final edited selected images for USD400* (depending on the scale, and requirement of what you need of course)

Here is how branded stock photography works;

  1. We discuss what exactly you are looking for in your images
  2. I go out and photograph what you need
  3. Rough images are presented, and you select your chosen 12
  4. Final photographs are edited and sent back to you.

Interested- contact me via my contact page and mention you want some branded stock photography!


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What is the biz beauty revolution?

It’s where we STAND up to OWNING our businesses, to being AUTHENTIC and to accepting that we are BEAUTIFUL and that we can CONQUER the world.


We are #fempreneurs and we are here to #CreateMoreBeauty.


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I can feel a new special project brewing! Stay tuned….

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