I have only just {2 months ago} turned to Spotify to listen to music. Before that I used 8tracks to stream some amazing playlists (but since they no longer offered mobile app support out of the USA I had to switch to a platform that was international.

What I love about Spotify is that it is super easy to make playlists to share and save for later! Also I am discovering so many new artists through their ‘browse’ or ‘discover weekly’ playlists {which are actually tailored according to which artists you follow!}. Love discovering new awesome inspiring music!





This is my first Music Monday playlist. It’s my current go to fav. playlist to listen to when I am in ‘creation’ mode.


Listening to this type of music when I have a million things on my to do list, somehow calms me down. My fav. artist at the moment is Megan Davies – she plays acoustic cover versions of some fantastic songs {love love love the ‘I see fire’ cover originally sung by Ed Sheeran}. Check her out here.

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