A travelogue of 30 days in Hong Kong


I spent five of my fragile teenage years growing up in Hong Kong from 12-16 before I just wanted to get away from the big city vibe and ended up in a remote international cosmic boarding school in the hills outside of Pune (but that’s another story).
I have a love and hate relationship with Hong Kong, it makes feel rich and poor, glamorous and totally uncool, like a big fish in a little pond and like a little fish in a huge pond. All at the same time.

Currently I am busy with my wonderful lifestyle on the promenade in the city of Cape Town, but it was time to visit Hong Kong again {fact: my mom has been living in Hong Kong for around 15 years now} and I wasn’t really looking forward to being in such a big skyscraper city {yes it really is one of the most densely populated cities in the world} but life goes on and I found myself on the 31st floor of a building smack bang in the center of Hong Kong island.

 Hong Kong is {well to me at least}:

Lots of people walking at an incredible pace getting somewhere to do important things {more likely than not wearing black office attire}

Shops, small shops, big name shops, local shops, Chinese dried food shops, watch shops and jewelry shops, did I mention shops?

When humidity goes below 85% the red fire alert comes on… UM? at 85% humidity my hair is STILL frizzy.

Always the first thing I notice when arriving in Hong Kong. Got to keep the family face value up and have the car so shiny that you can use it as a mirror. {don’t compare this to cars in india please- which I always end up doing}

{I’m talking like how can they wear that and feel comfortable?} I’m not talking about everyone here, it’s the select few ussually Young 20 somethings that have to make a statement. Sadly I do not have any photos, you must go to HK for yourself to see them.

Although what you see about HK is always about the city and buildings, HK has a lot of nature parks and outlying islands where you can actually get lost and not be found for days {not that I’m into my death wish right now}
So that was my summary of what Hong Kong is. Now let me delve into what I did for my ONE month stay in Hong Kong {was it really THAT long?}

Act like a local. Get my hair blow dried {remember the frizz?} get my nails painted, head to the corner local Chinese foot massage parlour.

Explore the yoga scene. Ok I lied, I went to one yoga event, and it was overcast and humid and I didn’t even join in the yoga classes. But I got to see the city skyline and hang out with my mom so that was fun!

Go crazy in buying stationary. I LOVE STATIONARY, especially MUJI. So yep, I bought all their pens in all their colors. #totallyobsessed

Attend some really fancy openings {Hermes the luxury French brand} and feel totally out of place, and everyone wasn’t talking but taking photos to post on social media cause that’s what you do nowadays when you go out. So I left.

Be an art student again. {fact: I have an honours degree in fine art from a top London uni}. Art central was on during my stay, it’s the lower cost art fair compared to Art Basel which was also on {no I didn’t go it was already overwhelming going to one art fair}. I felt inspired to become an artist again which pretty much disappeared as soon as I left the exhibition.

Take a small hike in a nature reserve. {ashamed to say that it was my #firstever hike in HK?}

Be a consumer. I bought clothes, and loads of them, ok only as much fit into my suitcase since I took it to HK empty. I also bought myself a new camera and lens #soexciting.

Get my fist paid photography gig with aforementioned new camera gear. Ooo yes, a little but of work as well!

And then it was time for me to leave again. Whew. I survived. I spent a month in Hong Kong and didn’t die from city overwhelm. But I can tell you that I was ever so happy to be beach bumming it back in Cape Town! Hong Kong is like anthill compared to the nest of Cape Town. Busy vs Snug….which would you choose?

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