You got a great biz.

You feel fabulous.

Clients love your work.

Something isn’t right about the way your biz feels

You know what I am talking about?

You haven’t got a logo you love,

or a set of colors to work with

and don’t even get started on your fonts {which one is best right?}

It’s the way your clients feel when they interact with your biz and you.

It’s your tone of voice, the associated images you use in your marketing

and even how you answer your emails.

This is the all-in-one pack for you to get your biz brand nailed down.

Read on below to see everything that is included in this branding bundle;

This initial skype consult is for me to understand who you are, what your biz is and how you want your biz to portray itself.

I got some questions for you to answer via a PDF as well.

After our  skype chat I will start a Pinterest board with some inspirational images, textures, fonts and logos.

You are also expected to contribute to this board so I can see a visual representation of your taste and style.

This Pinterest board will be the basis of everything going forward.

Once we have your design inspiration I will create a mood board. A mood board is a visual representation of your biz brand vibe.

From the mood board I will be able to start to narrow down your exact style.

A color scheme for a brand usually has 5 colors – we can talk about color psychology and how colors affect the perception of your brand.

I suggest 4 differentcolor combinations from which you can choose your one color scheme.

These are now the colors for your biz brand!

A brand usually has two main fonts, one for titles and one for body text.

I offer you a selection of up to 4 different font combinations to choose from, the final 2 fonts is up to you to decide.

What many find is THE most important part of the brand {I don’t neccessarily think so…}

I design  6 different variations of a logo for you.

You get two changes to the logo that you end up choosing before it gets finalized and voila, you got yourself a beautiful logo!

A sticker or avatar is a smaller version of your logo or part of your logo that you can use throughout your marketing material or as a social media profile.

3 different stickers are presented to you, you can decide on one, or use them all!

A brand also usually has a specific pattern or texture that is used for the website or other marketing material.

I will present you with two texture/patter options that will work beautifully with the look of your brand.

Finally you will also receive a final PDF of your brand vibe guide – a collection of all the elements mentioned above in one handy PDF!

See some examples of the different brand elements and the final brand vibe guide PDF.

Is the cost of the #BrandMyBiz package including ALL the elements mentioned above!

This is a one time fee payable upfront. More details will be given once we get into contact.

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