First off let’s get something clear here. A sales page doesn’t necessarily have to SELL you something right out.

This might be a freebie, an opt-in or indeed a product or service to buy from that page.

You want to be able to provide essential information in a well thought out layout that directs your viewers attention to the goal of purchasing or opting in to what you have to offer.

In my mind, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to have a beautiful sales page designed! You don’t walk into a supermarket to find all products just dumped in a pile infront of you do you? No, everything is clearly displayed in an organized manner that is easy to navigate and you know exactly where the check out is right? Well same thing applies to a sales page!

You want your viewers to think like you invested in what you have to offer.
After all why should they invest in you if they think you didn’t invest in yourself?
Humans are visual creatures – having a sales page with beautiful graphics entices your viewer into clicking your beautiful designed graphic buttons, you know the ones that say “click here to buy now”??
Which call to action makes you want to click more?

A graphic image can say 1000x more in one glance than having to read the exact same thing in a text context. This means you can actually say more on your sales page by using graphics interwoven between your sales text.

Ever seen those sales pages with just text and no images? Boring right? Bet you didn’t even read through to the end, am I right?

Having a sales page that is designed properly means the FLOW of your viewers attention gets directed to the ultimate destination, the ‘buy now’ button.
You would be surprised how easily it is to get the flow of attention wrong on a sales page.
Beautiful sales pages have been carefully crafted with content, context and user experience in mind.  A great example of a sales page with a lot of attention to detail is Denise Duffield-Thomas’s sales page for her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.
Check it out here. {yes some people do think it’s a tad overdone and overwhelming – put that aside for a moment and browse through her sales page with the FLOW of content in mind….}
Don’t let your sales page bring your brand down. So you invested in your branding, your website and social media posts – why would you not then continue that amazing brand you have built up and let your sales page ruin that whole vibe?
Check it out here. Isn’t her vibe is totally coming through her sales page? How does it make you feel?
If you feel great about your sales page your going to want to promote it more. Simple fact.
Having sales page shame means;

a. you don’t want to send peeps there {isn’t that the whole point?}

b. you start apologizing for the way your sales page looks {ummm….that doesn’t look very professional does it?} 
Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a sales page?
This month {June 2016} I am offering a #KillerDesignDeal of a sales page for USD95. Yes, only USD95.


This includes all the graphic banners, buttons, and graphic headlines for your page. Content you will have to write yourself {YOU know what you want to sell way better than I do!}


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