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4 roles that women take on to get validation in relationships



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Which of these roles can you see in your adult relationships today? I coach women who are desperate to have the loving, erotic, intimate, conscious relationships they see online yet have no idea why they aren’t attracted to their partners.


Scratching your head why you don’t feel sexually attraction to your partner?

Not understanding why he isn’t more into you?

Thinking something is wrong with you because you just want to cuddle?


*hint hint*

It’s got to do with the roles you as a woman play when you become needy for love and validation!

Which one of these roles do you take on in your relationship?



The sick one

“I’ll be taken care of when I am sick”

Always ‘falling’ sick, what does it mean when you fall sick? You’ll get the attention of people even if it’s only your doctor. I knew someone who was sick all the time during boarding school, we always thought; how come she always has something/falls down? The inner child in you has the belief that by being sick you will get the love and attention you desire.


The caretaker

“I’ll take care of you.” “I can fix you.” “Let me help you out.” 

Caretaker roles are common in women who early on had to assume this role in order for their family to stay together. Without being the caretaker either your mother/father/siblings or their relationship would fall apart and leave you alone.


The overachiever

“When I am the best, then I’ll be loved. They’ll be proud of me. Look Mommy, Daddy! I’m so good!”

Overachievers cannot stop being the ‘best’ at everything they do, it’s a need for perfectionism. Only ‘when’ I’m the best/perfect will I be noticed, validated and felt proud of. Are you an overachiever?


The rebel

“Let me get the attention by doing everything against what my parents say”

The rebel is the child who throws temper tantrums not only during her terrible twos. Goes out and makes mischief, gets in trouble at school and usually does drugs/alcohol first. It’s all an attempt at getting love and validation!


Can you recognize that the role you are playing is simply operating in your subconscious as a need for love and validation?

Are you ready to let go of that role and become an adult woman in a healthy relationship with a man who loves you deeply?

It’s time to give up the role.

This is something I do with my clients.

I show you the roles you play in your life to get love that is actually coming from a place of wounding.

Next we integrate those wounds by welcoming in the experiences in the past that cause those.

Finally we recreate how you are going to receive ‘healthy’ love from yourself so that you can finally welcome in a beautiful healthy love relationship.

Want that?

Book in a call and I’ll share with you the process I use to integrate those roles to become a radiant and lovable adult woman.

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