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6 Ways To Claim Back 2020 With Confidence And Power



Cultivate your Femininity, learn to feel Sexy & Become Magnetic AF.

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Drop some emojis to show how 2020 is going for you so far.

Here’s mine:

Yep. 2020 has been the best year for my up-leveling.

I’ve made more money than ever, grew my coaching business like a 🚀. Moved into my dream 4 bed villa in Bali. Wrote my book. AND I still got big plans coming…

It’s just over half way through the year, did 2020 sidetrack you or allow you to flourish?

I’m not going to mention the cray cray “C” word here (I know you know what I’m talking about though!)

Did 2020 catch you out? Are you feeling shitty, low, in serious lack mode?

Here’s 6 ways that I managed to keep positive and up level (so easily) during such a crazy and fearful world time?

1.   I looked at what WASN’T working in my life

I took the time to reflect on what wasn’t making me happy, where I was feeling stuck and what was I doing that wasn’t bringing me towards my goals. I journaled on this for several mornings in a row.

2.   I saw that my THOUGHTS were stopping me so worked on thinking differently

Everything in your life that you can see is because you ‘thought’ it into your reality aka life. After looking at what wasn’t working in my life, I asked what was I thinking that was making it appear that it wasn’t working. Look at your beliefs ie. money is never here, I have to work hard, I’ll never be loved….

3.   I decided to BOOST my motivation and confidence

I’m a huge huge huge fan of NLP (I have a group coaching program all about NLP check it out here; it’s called ON FIRE). NLP is brain hacking, rewiring your thoughts so you form new beliefs. When I saw I was frustrated in my life I decided to double down on my NLP practice and tune into how I wanted to feel instead of how I WAS feeling in this moment. That’s what is called future imagining.

4.   I RECONNECTED to my feminine power and intuition

Reconnecting to my feminine power and intuition meant I danced, I did my sensual breast massage, I beautified myself up, bought flowers, went to the spa, sat with myself in meditation daily. The feminine is all about receiving, allowing, nurturing – I know (as I’ve done this before) when I allow myself to reconnect back to that elegance, grace and beauty of being a woman I feel empowered.

5.   I learnt how to TRUST myself and the universe

Trust is a big one. After my 10 years of chronic anxiety I know how important it is to trust. Trusting means fully letting go of the outcome and being happy in the NOW. When you make a goal, allow it to unfold as it is meant to – this means letting go of the how.

6.   I got CLARITY in my desires and the path towards them

You can’t move forward on any road without being clear where you are moving towards. I decided to journal again on my goals specifically on how I wanted to feel when I reached my goals (that’s manifestation right there!). Clarity is my top value as when I know where to go and how to act I can go full power towards my destination.

Now go and use these 6 tips to rethink about your life and where you want to go.


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Sending you love

6 Ways To Claim Back 2020 With Confidence And Power

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