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5 Ways To Make Squirting Easier For Women



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The magical sometimes thought of as mythical female sexual act of SQUIRTING.


Are you a squirter or is it something you desire to do and for the life of you, don’t know how to create that fountain of fluid out of your yoni (aka vulva).

I remember squirting came as a shock to me. I was riding my man at the time and suddenly his waist was wet wet wet. It wasn’t overly pleasurable, more like, “hmmm I think I just squirted! Yay, fun!”.

Since then I know how to make myself squirt with a man and now it’s highly pleasurable. Squirting is a different type of pleasure than let’s say the clitoral orgasm or the penetrative orgasm. It’s more of a deep internal release.

Squirting happens when you put consistent pressure on what is known as the G-spot named after Ernst Gräfenberg a physician and scientist, I however like to call it by it’s proper name; the Skene Gland. It feels like a smallish rough spot on the front wall of your vaginal cavity about 1 to 2 inches inside.

No it’s not pee that comes out when you squirt, it’s just like the fluid secreted by men from their prostate (minus the semen).


I want to share with you my 5 Ways to Make Squirting Easier.

Tip 1.

It’s all about feeling comfortable.

When you are having sex, are you afraid of showing your body? Do you hide beneath the covers? Do you want it over and done with quick?

Ask yourself how can you can your partner make yourself feel comfortable. If you are tight and stressed and anxious you more than likely won’t be able to squirt.

Let go. Breathe. Tap into your feminine energy of release and trust.


Tip 2.

Drink at least a litre of water before having sex.

I’ve experimented with this and have found that if I am dehydrated I won’t squirt. Having a full bladder makes me squirt quicker and also more fluid! (And no it’s not pee, ladies!)

Now I know whenever I want to have kinky sex and make the bed wet (and yes that does happen, I put a towel or sarong down often) I’ll chug that water.

I personally also experience more pleasure when my bladder is slightly fuller, it makes me feel more sensitive.

Ladies, drink your water.


Tip 3.

Know it takes constant pressure in the same spot to trigger the squirting.

Squirting doesn’t happen instantaneously, at least not for me. It takes a buildup of consistent pressure over time (around couple minutes to up to 5 minutes for me) to then squirt.

Think of someone tapping you on your arm repeatedly for a couple minutes, it’s that kind of motion. That’s what the Skene’s gland needs to build up fluid retention to then release it in one go.

It’s also highly pleasurable to feel the buildup over time.


Tip 4.

Buy a sex toy to experiment first.

No one is going to know your body better than you, you are the one who lives in it every day.

Buy a sex toy, I recommend the Sacred Squirter from The Yoni Pleasure Palace. I’ve got it and have had loads of fun with it!

Your angles, the pressure, the time it takes all of these are factors to consider, so why not play around with yourself first to discover what you enjoy and what makes you gush?


Tip 5.

Let go.

Trying and trying and trying and still no puddle on the bed?

Let go of the need to squirt.

Have fun, play in the bedroom with your toys or with your man and who knows maybe you’ll squirt because you didn’t try so hard.

Overthinking is never fun in the bedroom. Playing is where all the fun and kinkyness is to be found.


There you have my 5 Ways To Make Squirting Easier For Women.

Are you a squirter? What worked for you? Let me know in the comments


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5 Ways To Make Squirting Easier For Women

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