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3 Breast Massage Techniques To Feel Sensually Alive



Cultivate your Femininity, learn to feel Sexy & Become Magnetic AF.

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Massaging your breasts. Erm, yes? Perhaps you’ve only ever had your breasts touched by your partner/lover/man or by the doctor to check all is in order.

Did you know that for women, your breasts are directly connected to your heart energy?

By massaging your breasts daily you can;

  • Increase the connection to yourself
  • Stimulate lymph node drainage
  • Check for breast lumps
  • Tune into your innate femininity
  • Cultivate more softness and heart energy

I remember when I moved to Ubud, Bali and my new friends were all raving about breast massage. I felt weird, awkward, and shy to intimately touch myself.

I went to a few workshops for women where we were taught breast massage techniques and as I started to put this into my daily femininity practices, I felt a sense of calm, centeredness, softness, and definitely turn on.

In Tantric energy principles breasts are the positive pole for the woman, stimulating your breasts can lead to an opening of your heart energy and this heart energy will flow outwards into the world (and to your lover/partner/man since their chest area is the negative pole. Positive and negative fit together!)

I want to teach you my 3 favourite breast massage techniques that can help you cultivate a better connection to yourself, your heart, your softness, and of course your femininity!

Note: I use homemade coconut oil and essential oil recipe you can find here. It’s super special as the essential oils I use are for the feminine and to allow for more openness in the body. Click here to find my personal recipe.

Before any breast massaging begins, I always lather on plenty of coconut oil (see my recipe here) so my hands can glide smoothly across my breasts. I also put on my Sensual Sunday Playlist. You can find that here.

Soft music definitely helps put my mood to ultra-feminine and sensual. Click here to download my number #1 Sensual Sunday Playlist.


3 breast massage techniques to feel sensually alive.


Circular Strokes.

Hold your breasts in the palm of your hands, cupping the bottom of your breasts. Slowly, without touching your nipples, move your hands upwards to your side boob and then over the top of your breasts to then circle in back down in between your breasts (over you heartspace). I use a medium to firm pressure to start to activate my nerve endings. I repeat this circular movement 5-10 times before switching direction.

You can then use these same circular strokes with a lighter pressure and touch. Start to notice how different touches and pressures feel to you. Make note, this is supposed to be a highly enjoyable and pleasurable practice. Do the strokes you love more!

Pro tip: Keep your jaw relaxed throughout this whole practice and sigh out to increase the nervous system reset.



Infinity Swirl.

With one hand, make the infinity symbol between both breasts crossing at your heart space.  I use a medium pressure and use my three first fingertips or my whole hand cupped. Avoid your nipple again (as it’s highly sensitive for many women). Switch up hands and also the direction of the infinity swirl.


Heart Strokes.

One of my favourite breast massage techniques because I feel the softening of my heart when I do this! With a flat hand, place your hands just by your collarbone, in long slow sweeping motions, move your hand over down your chest towards your nipples. You can make this a fluid motion and one hand sweeps right after the other. Sigh to when you stroke downwards. Feel that deepening and softening as you sigh and sweep your hands.

Those are my 3 favourite breast massage techniques. I’d love for you to give it a try and let me know how you felt afterward. I feel incredibly sad when I hear so many feel disconnected from themselves and their feminine energy. Breast massage is definitely an easy and pleasurable way you can start to reconnect back to the beauty of being a sensual fully embodied woman.

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3 Breast Massage Techniques To Feel Sensually Alive

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