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20 Things Women With Low Self Worth Say To Themselves And How To Change That



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Are you one of those women that constantly talk down to themselves? Who lets their inner itty bitty shitty committee rule over the positive amazing life you have?

You probably have a case of low self-worth. Low self-worth leads to believe you can’t live your dream life, that you are undeserving and that you are destined to be this poor, this unloved, this insignificant all your life.

Do you say these things to yourself?


I look terrible today

I am not good enough

I feel small and insignificant

I am too much for people

I am worried about xyz

What if I do it wrong?

What if I fail?

It isn’t safe to trust

It isn’t safe to be myself

I always need to fix it

I can’t be myself

Nobody cares about me

I miss the old me

He is too good for me

I will be hurt again

I have to say yes all the time

I need to be perfect

You suck

Nobody will care what I think

I’ll never get there


Even reading those doesn’t make you feel good right? If you even say ONE of those things to yourself, you have low self-worth.

Instead, I want you to start saying these things to yourself to turn up the volume on your self-worth to LOUD!


How I look today doesn’t mean I won’t look fabulous tomorrow

I am more than enough for me

My being is sacred

My uniqueness is my strength

Everything is always working out for me

What if it works out?

What will I learn from this?

I can always trust myself

The more me I can be the netter

Things can be solved on their own

I am MF special

I vibe real high

I am always growing and thriving and that is exciting

Every man is an uplevel

My past hurts turn me into a warrior woman

My no’s are more special than my yeses

My imperfections are what makes me unique

I am amazing

I don’t need to care what other people think of me

Every day I choose to believe I can achieve anything I desire


Don’t those feel 100 times better?

Which one of the new statements do you feel you need to repeat the most often? Comment below.

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